Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Evergreen State Fair Part 4- Sheep and Pigs


To continue on in the fiber vein....I bring you some sheep pictures. Please don't ask me what the breeds are. I only know that one of these darlings in brown is a Border Leicester. I don't know which. ;)

This one is owned by a co-worker of mine. He's generously given me fleece to use this past year, so I could not resist having a picture of one of his sheep.

Don couldn't resist this one. The whole hooded thing got him. He calls it the KKK sheep. lmao I explained the whole time.....fleece competitions.....sometimes done for spinners benefit thing. It still amused him. lol

This poor guy was trying to escape having a hair cut. He would get on the rack very nicely, but as soon as the human started trimming off he would try to go. lol


Meet Barney. No affiliation. Don't know the owners. Havn't a clue why I remember his name. He doesn't even remind me of anyone I know. I do remember that he was from a litter that was born at fair last year and is going to be a proud father soon himself! Why do I remember trivia like this? Beats me.

Aren't they cute all stacked up on each other like.....well......sausages? :( Sorry. I personally think they are adorable but lets be real some of these darlings are not going to be show hogs. Farming is for food....not for just show. Hence.....I am not a farmer. I don't want to "know" my food. I'm happy getting it from local farmers when I can and supporting their efforts. But really, if one of these came home with me.....I'd name it...make a scrap book for would become family. Since I've never heard of spinning Pig's a no go. Nuf rant intended. ;)

Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?!!! I had to post this one. Of course this photo was immediately named "Makin' Bacon". hehehheehe They were sound asleep and didn't even flinch when the flash went off. lol

This one I do know. Well, not the pig....but the owner. Bill (the owner lol) buys feed from us. He is one of the exhibitors at the fair that usually has babies being born AT fair. This year there were THREE sows with babies at the fair. Two from another family and this one here. I happen to know the owners of the other two sows as well but didn't have any pics taken at that exhibit. So Bills pigs get the post! lol

Well, that takes care of the Fair with the exception of one notable event. The horse barns. (I don't know why we didn't take pictures in the cow barns....we went through them! I especially like the little Irish Dexter cows...they are soooo cute!) Anyway, I stayed away from the rabbit barn because I could SO have a rabbit and I'm trying really really hard not to get an angora rabbit. I totally avoid the discussion with co-workers and am trying to get a line on some fiber from a customer who shows rabbits. So, that being said, there will be no bunny pictures. It's my way of practicing self restraint.

The Horse barns were visited and will show up under the posting of "The Draft Horse Extravangaza!". I'm not sure how fast I can get that posted as there are tons of pictures to go through and pic from and resize. I'll get it done asap though as I have a FO item to photograph and post on. Did NO ONE notice that the status bar for the self striping socks is showing finished?! don't live here and saw it completed! lol

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