Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You may not see me for awhile....

You may not see me for awhile....

If you don't... it's because of this.....

(sorry for the dark picture!)

This is 2 POUNDS of Merino/Silk laps that I recieved in the mail from Yarn or a Tale.... Leah even encouraged me to "play hookey from work.!" Unfortunately my boss is wise to the "I'm fiber deficient" excuse and knows what it means from me! lol So I had to go to work today!) They were aided and abedded by my husband and his co-workers who picked it up from the Post Office for me. How am I to be expected to resist two pounds of luscious white silk/merino laps that are screaming....(Can't you hear them?!!) to be dyed?!!! I'm already combining colors in my head! It's just lucky that I have Wednedsays off! It is nearly impossible to concentrate on the scheduled projects that are in progress. It is nearly impossible to finish spinning the varigated silk/merino I have on my drop spindle. (Abbie, I need your plying advice!) IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to KNIT at this time. It is at times like this that I realize that I am primarily a spinner.....secondarily a knitter/crocheter. If it marks me for booting from a blog or blog list or two....I completley understand. Rules are rules and really, life is too complicated to get worked up over the finer details. Others are better equiped than I for that. (No hard feelings whatsoever...friends made forever!) Anyway, I have a feeling there are going to be dyeing posts.....maybe even some immersion dyeing posts. lol I dream of a knitted silk shawl for myself....but I never visualize the actual knitting. There's a problem with that, me thinks. lol

Notice the 6 plus pounds of fleece drying in the background? No, I'm not fiber poor. Just think, shearing is only 8 months away! lmao. I just HAD to have the Silk/Merino! Unhappy? Regretfull? NEVER!!!! This stuff is HEAVEN!!! ehehhehehehehe! I cannot wait to work with it! I open the bag every day just to touch it. Fiber porn at it's best!!!

Show Off Cat Gold Awarded!!!
Just to show that she loves "The Paw"("The Paw" =Don- all the four legged children refer to him as "The Paw" instead of just "Pa". It has so many cross meanings!) more than me, Abbie decided to demonstrate that she was willing to sleep in any position just to be near to him. This cannot be comfortable, I don't care who you are! She is just proving to Mommy that she loves Daddy more. No problem. No issues. No counseling needed. (Just wait to see what Santa brings you this year girlie!) I took said pictures and continued to spin on the wheel. Who needs a stinking female cat no matter how soft she is?!!!!! I always have Salem to kiss me goodnight!

**By the way, I'm not affiliated with the above mentioned Yarn or a Tale. This is my first purchase with them, but I wanted to state publicly that I'm extremely happy with the service and the product that I received from them. If I'm in the market again, I'll check them out FIRST! I've never been so excited about a purchased fiber before!


Don Bangert said...

"Fiber deficient"... That's pretty funny!

P.S. You're still my Number One girl.

Abigale said...

Hey April - love the post - sure, you can e-mail me with any questions you have about plying the silk. I'm not sure if you're working with silk silk or merino silk - let me know ok? My e-mail is abiknitsATyahooDOTcom.

Are you plying from spindles? Anyway - e-mail me, and I'll do what I can to help :-)