Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk Silk

No. I did not do any dyeing today. Yes as a matter of fact I was sick. Well, kind of. No biggie. I just didn't have it in me to do much today and as it was my day off I thought I should take care of the "must do's" and then kick back and rest up. So there was absolutely no dyeing----the 2#s of silk blend in the other room is still crying out for color. Heck...I didn't even work on setting up the fish tanks today! And really, I have everything needed for tank #1! So this afternoon I spent time finishing spinning some silk/merino that I have been working on one of my drop spindles.

Last night I asked Abi if she would assist me in my plying of the silk. I was terribly worried that I would ruin it after getting it this far. She kindly answered my questions....and really it was a good thing. See...I was going to rewind these back on drop spindles, and ply them from there onto another drop spindle. (Did I mention that I wasn't thinking too good lately? lol) Luckily Abi advised me she plys them off of emptyUPS lable rolls. DOH! Like I havn't done that before! Like I didn't do that before I bought the wheel! Ok. The only problem with the picture at left is that they are wrapped in two different directions, but that was easily fixed by cutting the tube in half. I have a bunch of these tubes so cutting one up is no big deal. Besides I can reuse it later. ;)

This is the plying in process and the yarn is suprising me completely! What looked green earlier is looking bluish gray now... and the lighter color is receding in the overall yarn. Well, so far that is. We'll see what it looks like after I'm done, it's washed and skeined.This is the finest and I believe most consistant spinning I've ever done. We'll see after it's compared to the red/orange merino that I spun up earlier. After it's skeined I will take a better picture (hopefully) to show what the yarn looks like up close.I was just so happy with the overall effect I had to post something right away! Thanks for ALL your help and inspiration Abi!


Cindy said...

It's absolutely beautiful.

April said...

Thanks Cindy. I did complete the skein last night (suprise!) and all I have to do now is wash it up to set the twist. I'll probably do that tonight. ;) I'm not very patient. lol

Abigale said...

Absolutely gorgeous April! Glad I was able to help :-)

Can't wait to see more pictures - it's just gorgeous - any ideas what you're going to do with it when it's all yarned up?

Have fun!

April said...

It's all yarned up and a hangin to dry right now. All it will tell me right now is that feels the need to be lace. Probably a good thing because the wool I was trying to learn lace with keeps saying it really wants to be less holey. So I think we may be able to solve more than one problem here. ;) New pics to come soon.

Sydney said...

Beautiful yarn!

April said...

Thanks Sydney. I cannot wait to spin some more of this! I've got some dyeing to do first though as I prefer to spin color and all of my silk blend right now is white. ;) It's good though...I like dyeing fiber too. lol