Thursday, October 05, 2006

It Just Must Be Me

Ok..I hope to keep this short and sweet because dinner is in the oven and Jon Stewart is on in 15 minutes. I just want to start off by saying that I learned a few lessons with this dyeing experiment and I feel I should share them with anyone reading. (Besides, putting them in writing means I may actually follow through with them.)

Lesson # 1) I need to keep a "dyeing Journal"---yes I know it's been said before by many....including Don.....but really, sometimes a smack upside the head is required for me to agree to something.

Lesson #2) Dyeing fiber is not like making spaghetti or soup. Measuring is a MUST! I will measure out ingredients from now on....and notate said journal. (Man, this is becoming too much like work.)

Lesson #3) I don't know crap about color combinations and my ideas of "beautiful" and "wonderful" are off kilter from others. For an explaination...see the first picture.

Ok, the following are pictures of the dryed fiber from the Jar dyeing experiment.......

This is black. Can't you tell? Really? Yes, I had problems with it too. This is evidence of two things. One, I need to measure my dyes out and quit making my dye baths so concentrated. Two, I can't tell a pretty thing when I see it. lol I fully intended on overdyeing this and then made the mistake of showing it to my mom. She loved it and insisted I spin it for her. Then I showed it to Don expecting him to agree that she only was showing that motherly love for her childs creation ......and he liked it! I don't know crap about color combination.

This is Jar #1 of Grape/Mango/Black Cherry and originally I thought this all turned out nasty. Then I laid it out for pictures and thought....well, carding may help it. I've already decided to card them all up and spin them. Maybe I'll make some funky socks out of them.

Jar #2-It's about at this point of looking at the pics that Don decided they all looked like tumors. I'm thinking that's not such a great thing. More reinforcement for the "I don't know crap about color" theory. I think I may take some classes, read some books, or claim I'm colorblind.

Jar #3-This one is my favorite of the group. It has all the separate colors and a soft melding where the colors come together. It was a keeper from the get go! While Don was thinking "sea life creature" I was thinking sherbert! mmmmm.

Tator Tot casarole is done....and Jon's on the TV. Time to go!


Sydney said...

I think a lot of it is personal preference for certain colors and color combinations. Plus you may change your mind completely once you spin it up. Sometimes some ugly fiber looks pretty good once it is spun. I've sure made my share of ugly fiber.

April said...

I do think personal preference comes into play here. I just didn't realize how little I knew about my familys personal preferences in colors. lol. I really hope the "black" spins up nicely. Luckily it's not too much fiber.