Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SSK-cross post

WoW! It has been awhile since I posted here last. I have no exciting pictures to show of my hand work either. No pictures. I've decided that knitting lace is going to have to go onto the back burner for awhile. Well, at least until I'm able to concentrate a bit and remember what I've read for more than a few seconds.

I don't seem to have any problem with basic knitting stitches and socks are seemingly able to knit themselves on my needles right now, so why fight it. I'm currently knitting these for myself while I await the pattern (and needle) for these. (I'm sure it's not taking near as long to recieve this in the mail as I feel like it is. lol I'm terrible when I'm expecting a package in the mail. It nearly drives me crazy. Ask Leah. I've ordered from her. lol) I've never felted anything and decided that the fuzzy feet slippers looked like a great project to try it on. That and I need new slippers. I bought the recommended needles and tried to start knitting. Did I tell you that I've never knitted on a circular needle yet? Um, yeah, even I could tell there was a problem. Problem solved when I knitted up a swatch and discovered the needles I bought to be not so appropriate for the yarn I picked. ;) I know, I know. I should have knitted a swatch first. Lesson learned. I did purchase the correct circular today in the right size for my yarn but had to buy it in bamboo as there was no other option. This could be a bad thing....they can get kind of spendy.....and it feels sooooo nice in your hand. heheheheh So the lovely thing is knitting up quickly as the pattern promises and I'll post a pic soon.

Someone posted a simple garter stitch pattern for a shawl on the Spindlers Yahoo group recently. I may give that a with the silk skein that I completed recently. If so, you'll see it here as it will be for me.

Leah, the sweater looks beautiful and I'm hoping that one day I can finish one for myself. I've already picked out and purchased the pattern. I'm just waiting to find THE yarn. Who knows, I may end up spinning it myself. (

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