Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NO MORE LACE---for now you see from the previous cross post....should you actually be reading this blog.....I am putting off knitting lace for awhile. I'm craving crocheting again and I think I'll dig out the Irish Chain Afghan, figure out where I left off....and start working on that again. It's only a lap afghan, but's on it's 3rd year. Maybe I'll get it done this winter. I'm still knitting, I've just decided to stick with what (little) I know for awhile.

I'm having craft ADD right now. It's nothing's just that I have a wonderful supply of a variety of crafts and now I can't concentrate on one thing. I usually can work on a few things at a time, but lately the lace has been kicking my butt and that put me into a tailspin. I really want to work on some beaded projects right now, but I'm knitting some stuff up, and really need to get the yarn done for Melissa's slippers. I'm currently waiting on the pattern for the slippers for Melissa so I know how much more I need to spin.

I carded up the moss green fiber on Saturday night. This I would like to ply three ways....two green one brown. It took me 2 hours to card this stuff up. That seems like such a LONG time. Granted there was quite a bit of fiber so maybe I'm being unrealistic. I wonder how long it takes others to card up a specified amount of fiber. I need to card up the Jar Dyeing experiment fibers to see if they came out ok. I did get one of the jars fibers picked apart and ready to card. Just three more to go! After they're carded I'll post pics here to compare with the befores pics. Then I'll try another experiment. (Yes, I'll make notes this time and record everything!) I still havn't dyed any silk. I'm so afraid of ruining/wasteing it that I just can't bring myself to do it.

There are no pics today as there hasn't been any pic taking time this week. Today was spent taking care of stuff for Mom so no pics taken. Don and I spent a good bit of time on Sunday driving a good distance to see a movie that he really wanted to see. It was doubtful that the movie would be showing anywhere nearer, so off we went. What was the movie? It was a political documentary America: Freedom to Fascism. Those of you who read regularly know that I keep a politics free zone here, but some of you may have noticed that in my links section on the right is a decidely "uncrafty" link, Current Observations. This is the hubsters blog and I thought now would be the time to give him a shout out, as you'll not see much political content here.

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Don Bangert said...

Thanks for the plug! It means a lot to me.