Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New Addition to the Family

He has no name yet although I've been calling him Dinky Dog, which will NOT be his true name. lol. I suggested Barkley but Don doesn't want to stand out side hollering "BARK, BARK" to call the dog. There's been the always suggested "bear" type names suggested, but we're really wanting something different than that. It will come to us.

He is currently 6 weeks old and 16.5lbs. His mother was a pure bred German Shepherd and Daddy was a pure bred Anatolian Shepherd. Yep, we're gonna have our hands full. He'll be well over 100 lbs at full size. And yes, he'll be very hard headed. BUT....He'll be a wonderful dog and is a wonderful puppy (if you forget all about his current foot fetish and sharp teeth! lol)

I'll post more pics later tonight or tomorrow. I just wanted to get these online and annouce the new arrival!

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