Sunday, February 04, 2007

GASP! No Crafting?!!!

Ok, I promised not to make this just a blog on the new puppy, but to be honest.....he's a wonderful time vac! I have done no crafting in the last two weeks other than a few rows on Dons' sock. Sad, but true. lol I'm working on the sock more though and if I can get the jumping crocodile that we call Tucker into some kind of routine....I may get my sweater out of the closet and work on it more. I have an idea in the back of my head for a necklace for Mom's birthday.....but that would require getting the beads out and hoping that Tucker doesn't ingest any. lol Maybe Wednesday. lol I've also got to get some page kits put together for the Scrap Night at Tracie's on the 17th. (See Tracie....I did remember! lol) I'm afraid it won't be the wedding album I'll be working on, but the garden album. Or new puppy pages. lol Oh dear....I feel myself falling behind already. lol. So! Pictures and some projects updates next time.! Promise. Really...and no fingers crossed behind my back. lol

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Eve said...

Hahhahahah, ROFLOL geez. can I relate to this one. The jumping crocodile, I will have to remember this one. Yep describes mine perfectly.