Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tucker- 7 Weeks Old

Tucker turned 7 weeks old on Friday and weighed in at 19.75 lbs. He's the only one in the family that gets praise when the scale reads higher than the week before. lol

This week Tucker started riding in the back seat of the car as he became to active in the front seat. Yes I know I could buy him a crate for the car, but I can't afford to buy him a new crate at each of his life cycles and he will quickly outgrow one that would fit assembled in my car. I do have my eye on a "safety sitter" seat belt system for him, but that will have to wait until he's closer to being done growing. Until then....he's a backseat rider. He also figured out on Saturday how to climb from the back seat into the front seat. We'll see next week if that's going to be a problem.

It's amazing what a difference a week makes in the coordination of a puppy! Last week he was tripping over his own feet...this week he is running. He's getting much better at walking on the leash too. We can make it three blocks before turning back now and one of those blocks is a steep hill! He still needs to stop frequently, but I suspect that he does that more to check out the flora and fauna than to rest. heheh. He has to check out every leaf, every stick, every blade of grass.

I look at him every day and see how much bigger he's gotten. He's growing so quickly! His face has changed already. To give you an idea of how much he's grown, compare this pic with the one of him chewing my foot on the first post introducing him. He still has a foot fetish and in fact is quite the chewer. Don and I are joining forces to be consistent on his training as we don't want a biter. The chewing/biting he's displaying is a bit more than the average young puppy which is pretty consistent with him not having any litter mates. The thought is that the litter mates help a puppy learn how biting feels and how to control their bite reflex in play. Since Tucker had no litter mates, we're having to work hard and consistent with him on NOT biting. lol What is cute now is not going to be cute when he's 100 lbs. Luckily he's smart and learns quickly. Unfortunately he's hard headed and tests us often and repeatedly. lol He's lots of fun and I laugh many times every day dealing with him.

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