Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tucker again!

Sunday was spent with me completeing some chores. The sun has been out for a few days and when that happens in late winter or early spring....spring cleaning fever hits me. lol. The floors have not been properly scrubbed in ages and in the natural light of day the cobwebs are darker than black eyeliner! I'm just glad that the ladies from "How Clean Is Your House" are not visiting! I don't have one excuse that would work at all, at all! It's funny, but every time I get into the down-and-dirty cleaning, I think of those two lol. Anyway, Abbie hates the vacuume and hides outside when I use it. After that's done she "sneaks" back into the house and finds somewhere to hide. This cracked us both up! See her?

Yep, there she is!

She is still avoiding Tucker at all costs. She's terribly afraid of all strange or large dogs and as he still qualifies as both, he's on her "no-fly" list. After she gets used to him being outside more, she'll adapt to him. She'll never totally accept him, but the rabid fear should subside. Salem already has Tucker trained to stay at least 1 foot away at all times....or else. lol
Ok so I've already mentioned the Puppy goal twice. It's small and simple. I'd like to keep the future puppy posts limited to once a week. The goal is to include a picture weekly with developmental achievements and points of interest for the previous week. I would like it to be a running chain of how he's growing. I think I'll post this on Saturday nights as his "birthday is Fridays." That will give me a chance to track him week to week. I'm going to include some info in this post as so much is happening.
Tucker started going to work with me this week. Yesterday was his first day and he was completely exhausted by the end of the day. In all fairness, I over did it for him. On top of all the customer attention he recieved, I did try to get him to walk with me at lunch. I halved my walk and still ended up carrying him half the time. lol. Really, at 6 weeks, the walk I tried was much too long. lol. Today he was not walking at lunch to save his life!!! Small potty walks was all he was up to, and he napped most of today as well.
As you can see, he's much abused at work with nothing to play with! lol. On a wim we weighed him again today and he's now 17.75 lbs. Thats 1.75 lbs growth in 3 days!! OMG! His Baby dog food came in today and he's much happier with it. (Tucker eats Royal Canin Maxi food.)He'll be eating this until he's 5 months old, then he'll move onto the puppy food. The puppy food is larger and harder for him to chew, this babydog is about half the size and much easier.It will be interesting to chart his growth from now on. We noticed last night that his eyes are getting to be a darker color. They are still blue, but a much deeper blue and you can definately see tinges of brown developing. It will be about another 3-4 weeks before his eyesight gets clearer and he can see better at a distance. Right now he doesn't have the best of eyesight, and it's hard to remember, given his size, that's he's just a baby in development. He's walking and running better than this time last week and seems a bit more agile. I noticed this morning that he is climbing the front deck stairs eaiser. He still is "leaping" off of stairs and falling on his face..but not as much as before. I am trying to prevent this as much as possible as I don't want him to injure himself.

Tucker seems to be a thinker. He will consider a new "object" before he acts on it. He'll look at something for a few minutes before making noise at it. He will then make noise at it a few times before advancing on it. That seems to match up with the Anatolian personality I've been reading up on. I need to do more reading on the German Shepherd side of him quickly. I have friends with German Shepherds and all I remember is that they are smart..and stubborn. lol. Tucker is very stubborn already. He's showing the makings of a very smart dog too. Tonight on the way home he was trying for all my attention. Not a good thing when I'm driving. It was a pretty hairy drive home and if it's repeated he'll have to use a safety belt in the car. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that he had LOTS of sleep today and wanted to play. We'll see on Thursday and make changes at that point.
Well I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is filled with a few mundane chores and some carpet cleaning in the puppy area. Grandma is suppose to drop in tomorrow to meet Tucker and I need to have the chores done bright and early before she gets here! See you all soon! (Hopefully with some crafting reports!)

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