Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The puppy spent Friday and Saturday with his Pa. Don had those days off and it just made sense for them to spend the time together bonding. Friday afternoon Don brought him into the store so he pick up a pallet for the dog house to sit on. That was the perfect time for the pup to get his first shot. ;) My co-worker gave it to him and it went so well, I'll probably do the next one. I've done them before, but the last time I did a "puppy" aged one the darn thing screamed and I felt terrible. lol Friday was a long day for the pup. That evening was his first bath. He was pretty dirty and I figured he won't fit in the sink much longer, so into the sink he went. All went well until he was totally wet. At that point he decided I was trying to drown him and tried to throw himself out of the sink. heheheheh. Water was going everywhere, and I needed two hands to hold him, let alone wash him. Don stepped in and talked him through it while I lathered him up and rinsed him off.
He dries off really quickly and crashed immediately after the bath! He didn't even run around! Bandit and Cody both run around like idiots for awhile, but this was all too much for the pup and he crashed hard! I was pretty impressed with how quickly he dried out and to be honest, he didn't look much different after the bath. Poor dear. All that for just a coconut smell! (Which wore off the next day lol.)

Saturday morning started off with a bit of 'tude and an almost howl. Pup has to be restricted in the house to allow the more sensitive or "geriatric" animals their space. (Sensitive= Abbie, Geriatric=Bandit or Cody) As I had to take a shower in preparation for work, Pup had to stay in the den/2nd bedroom. Don took these while I was showering. lol

Pup wasn't impressed. By the time I got out of the shower we had an almost howl going.

On Saturday, while Don and the pup were working outside, the pup named himself. Usually our animals name themselves. We try out a hundred different names, rejecting them all and then one day they just look at us and we think "_____, That's your name!" and it sticks. In this case it's Tucker. So....Dinky is now Tucker. It's been a few days now and he's starting to respond to the name better than "Bear" or "Dinky". (Bear was what the first human family called him.) I still think Barkley would have been a WONDERFUL name and would have worked hysterically. But hey, not everyone is a comedian!
Ok, So Tucker he is! I will leave you with a few pics from Saturday. Don spent a huge portion of the day fixing our steps on the front deck, leveling out the dog house area and generally prepping the dog house for Tucker. I know this had to be hard on him as part of it was vac'ing out the dog house as there was still hair in there from when Mowgli lived in there as I have not touched it since he left us. Now the whole area looks fresh and clean and ready to be used. I've not seen Tucker in the house yet as he much prefers to lay his bare belly on the frosty grass or to nap in the middle of the driveway. (I hope he out grows that...otherwise it will be quite inconvenient! lol) Saturday was also the first day a bark was heard. It was heard by Don, I did not get the privilege until Monday. For a six week old pup, he has a nice deep bark. I'm pleased as can be! And yes, I know we take A LOT of pictures of him sleeping, but really!!!! He does sleep alot! I'm figuring he's growing so much that here in a week or two he'll be awake more. He just needs more sleep now.

He's just so stinkin cute! You'd think I'd never seen a cute puppy before! lol. I know I said I had a puppy goal that I wanted to announce....but I think I'll wait till the next post. This one's long enough!

Yes....that's the driveway he's sleeping on!

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