Monday, February 26, 2007

In a Whirl Wind

I've finally been able to get some spinning done and today was able to get the pics taken to prove it! There is a completed skein of white drying right now that I didn't take a picture of. I believe it's destined to be be dyed for a pair slippers.....not positive yet though.

In this picture Abbie is modeling my first attempt at Navajo plying. The fiber was some from the jar dyeing experiment last year. I'm not altogether pleased with the yarn. The colors stayed nicely separated, but the yarn itself is over twisted in my opinion. I'm considering running it through the wheel again and removing some of the twist. The colors themselves are o.k. and it's asking to become a felted bag. We'll see how it feels after a bit. It may change it's mind if I remove some of the twist and soften it up a bit.
Here is a picture of what's on the wheel right now. This was suppose to be black, but the fiber split into teal, purple, gray and pink. In it's carded roving state, it's a bit grotesque. It has to be in just the right light for the colors to stand out. So far it's spinning up nicely and very thin. It's fascinating to see the colors change as it spins up and I'm interested to see what it becomes. I'm thinking of spinning a single of something solid up and plying this with it. I just haven't decided yet. The trouble with this fiber right now is that I cannot get a true color picture of it. In these pic it shows purple but really shows almost black at a bit of a distance. Maybe when the sun comes out again I'll be able to get a good color reading outside.
The sock is not getting any real amount of work on it at this time. I've hit the point in the pattern when I'm starting the shaping for the heel. It seems so long compared to the other socks I've knit but then again, it is for the hubster. The only real time I have for knitting is right before bed and I'm at a counting point in this pattern, so right before bed's not a good time for that. I need to take a bit of time and get past the heel so I can get back to basic knitting and can work on it more often.

These pictures are proof of two things. First, Abbie will do anything if I will just lock the puppy outside for awhile! As long as she gets some time under her lamp she's a happy cat! Second, I've been making progress on the sweater. I'm between 4 and 6 inches away from completing the first half of the front. In the second picture you can she the arm hole shaping decreases, and the stitch holders that are currently holding the pocket in place. I'm anxious to work on this regularly but really feel pulled in so many directions right now.

With Spring fast approaching I've got many household projects waiting as well as gardening to get going. It sure is nice to be held back a bit so that I can work on these knitting projects and spin a bit. Before you know it, it will be wool washing time again! ;)

Yep, it's begun! This is the beginning of the gardening season. We've started some flowers, herbs, and veggies in the house to be able to transplant in the garden this year. There are several things that will be planted in the garden this year as seeds. I'll be picking out some more flowers this week to start in the house for hanging baskets.

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sydney said...

Abbie makes a very good, and patient, model. :) The first yarn kind of reminds me of sherbert. I really like the colors in the second yarn you're working on.