Monday, February 26, 2007

Tucker- 10 Weeks

This week was a short work week for Tucker, with only 3 days at work and 4 at home. He's growing so quickly that it's hard to keep up with it in the picture realm. We're usually messing with him without the camera now as we need both hands available. He weighed in on Thursday afternoon at 29.5 lbs. Pretty soon he won't fit on the scale! I think this is one of the last times Tucker will fit under the table. We'll see though....he doesn't give up easily.

This weeks major achievement was learning to fetch. He started it about the middle of the week and with daily reminders gets better at it. While I am teaching him a few things, I am trying to get him to learn the requested behaviors without having to give him a treat each and every time. He's very smart and will do just about anything if he thinks a treat is involved, but eventually I'd like him to progress to completing the command just 'cause. ;) It's a good thing he's just a pup.
He's gained more control over his ears. Right now he can move them directionally from the base of the ear...but the upper portion still flops around. ;) I still can't tell if they'll stand up or not yet. I tend to believe they'll stay down like an ASD. (I hope, I

Saturday Don and Tucker went for a ride in the truck. On the way home they stopped off at the Falls and walked down to look at them. It's a steep walk back up to the road, so that wore Tucker out pretty good. Sunday they played in the yard for awhile. Tucker is quite the biter and we have to work with him about it daily. It's a tough time as we have to stay firm with him. It seems to be something that he's doing out of excitement, like he would in a litter or pack of dogs. I believe it's something that he would have learned to control better if he had some litter mates. It's tough though, because sometimes you just want to pick him up and cuddle him to death! I leave you with pics of Don and Tucker "ruff-housin" in the front yard.

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