Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tucker- 9 weeks old

This week Tucker is sleeping less and playing more. He marked the beginning of the week at 24.5 lbs and finished it at 27.5! It seems he's growing with every blink of an eye. His back and legs are visibly longer and he's lost the pudgy puppy face. He also has a bit more brown in his coat than before. On Thursday he started moving his ears on his own. We're unable to tell if they will stand up like a GSD or if they will lay over like the ASD and like they currently are.

This week he has also broadened his digging ability...I'll have to crack down on that asap...or get into filling holes as a hobby. I did crack down on his movements in the vehicle as he was becoming quite the pest for part of our drives. This week we acquired his first harness. This along with a traffic lead allows him to ride in the back seat in comfort and allows me to drive with fewer distractions. ;) The sad part is that his first harness is a large....adjusted all the way down. lol It just made more sense as we all know he's going to get larger. I just couldn't believe that it fit. He's one big pup!

Tucker and I have started taking a longer walk before work in order to wear him out before having to stay indoors for awhile. He's a very active puppy in the morning and has so much energy, it seemed like the best way to channel his morning energy. I'll have to adjust it down a bit though as he seems too tired at noon to take a walk then. It's a fine balance with him. ;)

He's getting better with some of the basic commands that I'm teaching him. It's just a lot of repetitions with him right now to help it all sink in. He is still crawling under the coffee table to sleep at night. I've got to think this will end soon as it's quite the effort for him to get in and out of there!

Nothing like a man and his dog! I got this shot of him after a long day at work this week. He was sure happy to see his Pa!

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sydney said...

Tucker is one cute puppy! For sure he's not going to be sleeping under the coffee table for much longer because he's not going to fit. :)