Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What?!! Crafting?!!!

Ok, don't get excited! I know it's been pretty craft poor around here. The spinning I have been able to squeeze in due to puppy issues (such as he loves wood and wool!!!! And the combination would probably drive him insane!) has all been done on a drop spindle and is the Carbon Superwash sample that Leah sent me with my last order. Oh yes Leah, I love it...and would love to order more, and would if it were not for a little challenge that I made to myself about using my current stash this year. I've broken that only for Mom as I didn't have all the beads I needed for her birthday present. (see below.)

The knitting I've been able to work in has just been on the ever patient hubby's sock. I've finally gotten that to a point of shaping for the heel. This is the first time I've done toe up socks so the whole heel thing feels foreign again, but it should (I hope) go faster on the second sock? (No Second Sock Syndrome, No Second Sock Syndrome, No Second Sock Syndrome......)I think I'll take a pic of it this week after Nascar knitting and post it for a general progress report. I'm hoping that I can get The Sweater out and start working on it again, but we'll see. Tucker will definitely have to be outside for that! lol

So the only completed craft this week was Mom's birthday necklace. It ended up being much simpler than I had planned, but that was only because I (0f course) modified the pattern and also used a different sizes of beads than was required in the pattern. So in reality....I didn't follow the pattern at all. lol. This is a simple right angle bead weave using 3mm pearls and 11's for the smaller ones. Its hard to see the pattern here and I do apologize for the poor quality of the picture. I was a bit rushed during photography as I finished it late the night before and had to wrap it up to give it to her. lol She really liked it and has wanted a handmade pearl necklace for awhile. I have another rope type one that I want to make for her as it's more versatile, but I'll have to plan that one out better. Being a hand crafter, she truly appreciated the hand made gifts.

Well, it's off to beddy bye for me as I just found out tomorrows an early day! Hubster has to open the store tomorrow and that means lunches and breakfast will need to be done about an hour earlier than normal. No biggie, but to bed I'll be headed now. lol

Hope everyone is doing well! This Saturday is the Scrap night at Tracie's so I should have a huge update on Sunday! ( I made many page kits today and really really hope to be productive at this gathering!) See y'all Sunday!

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