Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tucker--11 Weeks

This is yet another post that was suppose to appear on Sunday and was put off till today.......
It's amazing how much he's changed! He's 32 lbs, climbs into the car on his own, loves the window down, and has discovered his voice. ;) He's definitely a talker. Oh yeah....and the ear thing started too. One of his ears has been partially up and one down all week. Now both are mobile. It's appearing that he will have the erect ears of a GSD, but I still have some Right now he's just darn cute!

It's getting harder and harder for me to get good pics of him. As soon as he sees me with the camera he comes running. Sometimes you just end up with shots like this. lol

Thank goodness the snow started melting and the toys could be found again!

He looks like he's filling out more in this pic. The dark patches on his shoulders and back are from being rolled around in the snow. We had just gotten done playing. lol.

And this is my new desktop picture. Gotta love him!


Anonymous said...

WOW those are such cute pics.... and of course they are going to look awesome in his scrapbook ;) Brooke cannot wait to meet him and play.

sydney said...

Tucker is just so cute!