Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On The Wheel

With the "purple" skein done it's off to happy, happy land.

Meaning, SILK blend! This is part of the silk laps that I purchased from Yarn or a Tale. As it's such silky goodness.....the flash shines out the color so you have to put up with two pictures. lol

I dyed this in the lap/roving form and discovered that pre-drafting afterwards made all the difference in spinning it up. I'm currently working on a separate spindle as I'm trying to only spin up half the bobbins and then ply them together, but it's tough as this spins up so nicely I just don't want to stop! lol

There's been a bit of progress on The Sweater. I did cast off the left front and immediately cast on the right front side on Sunday. I'm up to the beginning of the pocket lining and moving right along. With Tucker spending his home time outside now, I can actually knit or spin at night should the schedule allow. :) Yippee. lol

Abbie has adjusted back to the way things were pre-Tucker. She's back to spending time in her favorite spots and even tried to spar with me the other day. I'd say things are starting to return to normal.

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sydney said...

Ah normal is good. :) That silk blend is lovely!