Sunday, March 18, 2007

Garden, Spinning, Knitting and Life

OK, so today's "update" is going to be a bit sloppy and informal. (I know...HUGE surprise there huh?!!) Cut me some slack...I stayed up way, way too late, and did too much today. Really, anything more than napping was going to be too much. lol

Last night was Scrap Night with Maria and Tracie. Maria hosted this one and evidently we were all needing to let our hair down because all three of us showed up with a bottle of wine! lol There was lots of food and laughter.

I did get to a point where it was just too hard to put the page kits together as each one had at least one picture of Mowgli in it. It's been nearly 5 months and even though we added Tucker to our lives, I still miss The Mo everyday. It's getting easier....but those scrap pages will just have to wait a bit longer.

Today was filled with "whatever" type stuff. After I achieved my goal of not having to cook breakfast, but scarfing down a huge breakfast nonetheless; I set about accomplishing I could today. Laundry, of course, was high priority. As was roughing up the pup and wearing him out in general. Then it was time in the garden.

I managed to get three of the 5 planting beds turned under and the cover crop chopped up. I'll try to get the other two done after work one of these nights. Then I'll cover with black plastic for a couple of weeks before planting so that the soil heats up. This will help the cover crop to start breaking down as well as making the beds a nice warm place to put the seeds or transplants into. ;) The last task out in the garden today was to transplant the raspberries and the strawberries. That done, I picked out the very few weeds in the walk ways and spread out the last of the pine shavings. Now I can break down the old strawberry boxes that are on the soon-to-be-again gravel pathway next to the house. That will give me the space to clean up the gravel walkway and rake that out nice.

It felt nice to be outside working in the garden again. I've been wanting to start weeding for weeks, but the weathers been so wet or cold or both that I've stayed indoors. Today was so balmy that I thought about going back out to work on the rose bed. However, I don't want to over do it to bad as I have a growing pup to keep up with. ;)

I'm still have the silk blend on my Traveler and am STILL working on the sweater. Don's sock has been placed in the bottom of the basket as I think I need to frog some of it. I will have to sit down and talk out the pattern and look at the as yet completed rows before I make the decision, so the sock is on the back burner.

I'll need to make some room in the knitting basket fast though as our Guild Meeting is Tuesday and that means dyeing sock yarn! I should be coming home with a skein of dyed---ready to be steamed sock yarn and it should be a self striping pattern! After it's all done, I'll take pics of the board that we received through this class and the results. Hopefully I remember to take pics of it BEFORE it's dyed. lol

Well, I better wrap this up as I still have Tucker's post to do and laundry to fold. And I'm tired. How tired am I? We had our Corned Beef, carrots, baby reds and cabbage today instead of yesterday. I didn't steam the cabbage. Totally forgot it. Completely. Ah well. It's will make a fine treat with the left overs, won't it now? ;)


Don Bangert said...

You forgot to steam the cabbage? Oh... bummer! ;)

sydney said...

It's been warm enough and dry enough here lately so I've been doing a little bit of yard work here and there when I have time. It feels good to get outside again.