Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tucker --12 and 13 Weeks Old!

This is terrible! I totally missed posting Tuckers 3 month birthday and now here it is a week later and I'm combining both week 12 and 13! OY! I feel almost bad about lumping this all together. But to be honest....if the little blighter didn't take up so much of my time, I might be able to keep up on things. :)

So I give you random pictures of Tucker all of which were taken in an effort to show his range of motion with his ears. They seem to be trying to stand up but he has no real control over them. It's a complete crack up and I get a laugh out of it every day.

As we have can no longer fit him on the scale at work we are reduced to walking over to the vet clinic on lunch once a week to weigh in. Last Monday he weighed in at 39.3 lbs. I'm hoping to get him weighed again tomorrow, but it may be Tuesday or Wednesday.

I received the puppy training class information in the mail. Everything is pointing at this being the right class. The trainer came highly recommended by two giant breed dog owners that I respect. The facility is shockingly close to where I live. The price is very reasonable. Best of all.....the classes fall on my day off! I just need to get him to the vet to get his rabies shot, shoot his kennel cough vac up his nose and send off the payment for the class. I'm looking forward to this. I've never had to go through puppy classes with a dog before, but Tucker really needs the socialization time with other puppies.

Tucker now lives completely outside, sleeping on a pillow on the deck. He refuses to sleep on the pillow in the dog house at this point, but I'm confident he will one day. He's pretty comfortable out there and is doing great. He still goes to work with me every day and is getting better at listening and behaving in the store. Part of that is due to the 45 minute walks he and I take before work in the mornings. And the 20-30 minute lunch time walks. Yep, I'm getting my walking done. ;) In other news, he outgrew his first collar and is on his second adjustable collar. He'd fit into a small standard dog collar, but he's growing so fast that I opted for the mid size adjustable collar. By the time he's out of it, he should be in a "big boy" collar. He is also walking using a choke chain and has figured out that if he walks next to me, he has lose chain....if he pulls he doesn't. My arms and chest feel so much better! Now we can walk at a quicker, calmer pace and I am completely in control. Even over the poop bag. Yeah, oh yippee.

I'm sure there are a million little changes I'm forgetting, like the fact that if I get into the car and he's already in it....I get a kissy before we buckle up to drive away. Little things like that. Or the fact that he absolutely loves his Kong....especially stuffed with P-nut butter and a Ziggy....or liver treats or......I think you get the idea. Yep, I'm sure there are a million little things that I'll think of later and wish I'd shared! Oh well, maybe I'll do a mid week update. (Snort! yeah right!With what time?! lmao)

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