Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bath Day

Today was grooming day for Bandit and Cody. It's a time filled with clippers, nail trimmers, scissors, combs, brushes and hide and seek. It's also the time I can closely inspect each one and look for owies, mats and ugg...fleas.

Bandit has always enjoyed being groomed. He usually lays on his back and falls asleep while I trim toe nails and his underside hair. It's also a great time to trim up around the ears. Then he gets flipped over and brushed out. Then it's bath time. (I know that most groomers will tell you to wash them before grooming, but I've always bathed afterwards. Yes, I have to clean my equipment more, but the dogs prefer it this way.) Being so small he fits easily in the sink and the sprayer nozzle works much like a shower massager on his little body. He loves it.

Cody has always hated to be groomed. His session usually starts with a hide and seek session. Me seeking.....him hiding. He's pretty good at changing hiding spots midway if he thinks it will avoid the bath part. Once caught, he lays on his back the same as Bandit and goes through the motions of being groomed. He's always been ticklish and the toe nail/hair trimming is always our major hurdle in the grooming process. As he's larger and has scads more hair, his trimming takes much longer. Then it's into the sink for a bath. He a tighter fit in the sink, but still fits. His whole body goes rigid and we bathe as quickly as possible.

When they are all done and towel dried off is the magic moment. The two of them running through the house side by side, like little buddies showing off how cute they are! Too perfect! It's the one time that they are united as friends. A moment that every mother waits for.

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