Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Ok kiddies. Most of you that have been on this ride with me realize that I'm sporadic at best on posting. I can go for a month or two and post regularly two times a week. Then ONE DAY.....ONE THING will upset my apple cart and I will be off and gone for weeks trying to get back in control. lol. This is nothing new and I'm just owning it now. It's ok. It's all right. Good things happen sometimes....we just have to adjust. And that my friends is why you'll never hold your breath waiting on me to update this silly blog. To be honest....the rest of life just kinda takes over sometimes. ;) And then you see things like 4 or 6 posts all on one day!

So what's happened since I posted 3 weeks past? Well, let's see.....Tucker is now 59 lbs. He now spends most of his time at home, having only gone to work with me one day this week. He is also starting to lose his puppy coat. What is coming in now is a red color and mid length. His tail has gotten darker, his muzzle longer and his chest broader. The ears? Well, they're pretty much all over the place. It depends on his mood and what he's trying to accomplish on what the ears do. Like this picture....he's pretty sure that there are treats in Pa's hand...and he's trying to be cute to get one.
Then there's this one....a perfect mugshot...don't ya think?

We started our Puppy level one classes today and he did very well. As it was the first class there was a lot of standing around in a room full of dogs, which about drove him crazy. But he knows how to do the first set of commands, or rather....I do. I do need to continue working on them and the Off command is one that I'll be working on a lot this week. lol Once he realized he wasn't going to be able to run and play with other dogs today he wanted to play with me so we had to whip out a toy to keep him entertained. While he was more rambunctious at times than the others, he didn't bark, growl, cry, pee or poop and showed obvious interest in greeting the others and learning. Hey...not too bad considering I was thinking we'd get kicked out of class. lol

All in all it was a good trip and I'm looking forward to next week. I know I've got a lot to learn. He's pretty much done going to work with me. He's almost outgrown his crate and I could tell yesterday he was bored. I'm feeling better about leaving him home as I've seen him in action. Don't get me wrong....he's gonna get in trouble...I can already see it. I just hope nothing too important gets dug up. He seems so happy at home that I'll take him on trips in the car, but I feel it's time for him to be a yard dog. You the others? lol

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