Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Most Wonderful Husband in the World

Yep....that's MY husband. I know you think yours is better...but truth be told, you're wrong. Sorry. It's just as plain and simple as that.
Want to know why?

I'll show you, but you have to read the story first.

My birthday was at the beginning of April. (Hold back the jokes, I've probably heard them all.lol) Last month, my hubby started working on my birthday pressy, without me having a clue at all. I was so completely stunned, I do believe I was speechless for a few minutes. And that, my friends, is no mean feat!

Last year I was lucky enough to have the winning bid on EBay for a Fricke drum carder. I knew it was elderly, and I knew I was going to have to have it reconditioned. But, finances being what they are, I figured I would have the use of it for a year before having to send it off. I really was dreading sending my darling back across the country for major surgery and knew I'd be a nervous wreck while she was gone. However, I knew that she needed the "spa treatment" and that I'd be even happier after it was done. This "spa treatment" was planned for this summer after the Annual Bonus Fairy visits us at work.
Yep. That was the plan. Hubby did me one better. Hubby contacted the very wonderful Mr Fricke and arranged for the one and only Mr Fricke to recondition my fabulous drum carder for me for my birthday. (AND....he did it cheaper than I would have had to pay....shhhhhh.) So, not only did I get my drum carder reconditioned, but I was also given a carding lesson from THE man himself, AND....found out that my darling is about 25 years old! Curt was wonderful to talk to and I learned bunches!
So here she is....back from the spa....and looking FABULOUS! And the carding you may ask???? SO DEVINE! I was able to card up in an hour what used to take me all day. I used to have to put stuff through the carder 3-4 times and it still didn't come out looking as wonderful and lofty as once through does now! That is is the magic of having the correct cloth on your carder.lol She turns over very smoothly and quietly now as well and is a complete joy to use. I've got major dyeing/carding plans now!!!


sydney said...

A wonderful husband indeed! That's a fantastic birthday present. Congrats!

April said...

Thanks Sydney!