Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Changes

As you have already noticed, I'm sure, I've made some changes to the blog. I don't usually mess with the settings too much because if I do, I end up having to have DH fix my mess ups. ;) The new blogger templates and settings sounded like they'd be pretty easy so I gave it a try. So far, so good. I removed a few features myself such as the animated pet and the WIP bars. The animated pet was pretty much for my own amusement and I wasn't really using it anyway. The WIP progress bars I removed for an entirely different reason.

The progress bars that were on the right hand side of the page were there as a reminder to me of the projects I have going. They were suppose to be an encouraging thing with me being able to change them as I progressed through a project. I've discovered something about myself though. I don't like to be nagged. Not even by myself it seems. ;) It got to the point that I wouldn't look at the blog, or even update it as there were these three little reminders constantly telling me to get back to work. It's completely ridiculous and totally stupid but there you go. They are gone and I feel better. lol I plan on replacing them with a Finished Objects list that will showcase my accomplishments. Soon as I locate a few pics, I'll get it up and running. Hopefully you'll be able to click on a name of a project and have the picture of the item pop up. We'll see though....It is ME working on this you know. lol

The colors on the page and they layout may change a bit as I learn more about the new blogger. Hang on and it'll eventually settle down. I'm pretty pleased with the functionality of the new blogger and really was able to make the changes I wanted by myself. I've read a lot of complaints about it so I was leery about changing anything, but I didn't run into any problems that were not caused by me directly. lol. Then again, I do run a very simple that may be why.

Well I must be off to a new some catching up to do!

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