Sunday, April 29, 2007

FO! The Sweater!!!

I know!! I can't believe it either!! And in less than a year even!!!! Totally amazing! To say I'm proud of the sweater is a major understatement. I realize that many of you out there have knitted larger, more intricate projects....but I know that every one of you understand the importance and pride felt in completing The First of a type of project. And really, I was going to post pictures of me wearing it so you could see the proof that it truly fits. I even had the hubster take the pics....but in photoshop.....I just couldn't do it. Sorry. I can't put you through it! I need to putt the bread down and get back on my diet. ;) Sweater fits....but I'm not as svelte as I'd like to imagine! lol I knew I avoided having pics taken for a reason!

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