Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ahhhh....To Be Caught Up.

Or the case may be. As soon as I typed that title I thought of at least 3 things that I'm behind on. Isn't that the way of it though? Just when you think you've caught up, you realise what you let slide to accomplish what you just completed. (Did that feel like a "house that jack built" sentence to anyone else?)

So the sweater being completed last night, I jumped right back into DH's socks. I'm pretty sure he was convinced he'd never see it again and was thinking I was nothing but a sock tease. Poor, poor man. I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he married me. lol. I am determined not to work on any other knitting/crochet projects until his socks are done. It's quite the pleasure to be knitting a smooth yarn, even if it's thin....and on smooth needles as well! I feel like I'm zipping right along, but then again, if I were......I'd be done. So there! U am able to knit at a faster speed on the smoother yarn, so I've got to be making some progress. I'm working on the heel of the first one and I'm not convinced that it's going to fit so I'm pretty well comfortable with the idea that I'm going to have to frog the whole sock and start over. It's a toe up pattern and I really really like the whole toe up part....but the rest of the sock is basic knitting, and I'm not convinced the heel will work out. We'll see. If it fits, and he likes it...I'll make the other...If not, we'll work out another pattern.

Today was a day of working in the garden. The weather was beautiful and after Tuckers walk, we got into the garden prep. It felt good to be finally planting in the garden today. I've had years of anticipating planting and today was finally a day of planting! We had some turning of the soil to do...and it was definitely time to get the starts in the garden. The cucumbers were flowering in the house for goodness sakes! No, those are not alien pods landed in the garden. lol I decided to cover the pumpkins, zucchini and the cucs with a plastic cloche that I can roll up in the morning. This way they are are protected at night and can acclimatize during the day.

I planted from seed peas, carrots, radish, beans, lettuce, bunching onions, and spinach. I still have more to plant, but that gets me started. (Please oh please...let them grow!)

Tucker did well at his 3rd puppy class. We were using the new Gentle Leader...and it worked wonderfully. He's learning the commands really well. Everyone was impressed at how long he can sit and wait considering he's only a 4.5 month old puppy! He's doing very well and caught his first rat this week. Just like was dead, and flat...but not a mark on it. That means he played with it to death. (I know that's not the most wonderful thing to most people...but when you live rural like we do, rats are a fact of life and if he can hunt them without being vicious...I'm happy.)
I currently have NOTHING on the wheel. It feels strange to have nothing in the spinning process. I did complete the Llama yarn and just need to wash it. (Pics to follow that.) And I did get the green silk/merino re carded and re blended (Thanks a million honey!) on the improved reconditioned drum carder. And I do have some other dyed wool that could be spun or carded and then spun. Lately I've been spending most of my free time knitting on the sweater, so there's not been much spinning going on, and I've not chosen the next fiber for the wheel. Something will call to me soon and I'll be off in that direction. ;) Right now I'm off in the direction of B.E.D. I worked a bit too hard today me thinks..... lol.


Cindy said...

I cannot get over how much Tucker and Grover look alike. Tucker is adorable. Grover is a doll. Alot of work, but a doll. I have read that Anatolian Shepherd's are very headstrong. I bet you're thinking the same thing I am, REALLY? Although headstrong, Grover is gentle and loving. I enjoy reading about Tucker, since Grover is about 2 years old and 42" high and 85 lbs. I'm hoping we're about done with the growing. Congrats on the sweater, too!!!

April said...

Headstrong? lmao. That's a bit of an understatement in our case, but....I love their personality. It feels so great to get a "big dog cuddle" and all the work I'm putting into him has really forged a bond between us. I have not real hopes that Tuckers done growing....not at 4.5 months of age. lol. I love reading your stories about Grover too...but I've lost the link to your blog so I'm madly searching for it. lol. If you read this....can you leave me a link? Thanks!