Thursday, May 03, 2007

Something Special

Ok, I don't express political stuff here and those that know me best know my political views. It takes getting pretty close to me to hear them and those closest know how I hate to discuss those views. (I don't even like to think about politics, which makes it difficult for DH who writes this blog! OY! Poor man!)I ran across this blog in reading one of my favorites, The Panoptican.
I've decided to participate in this project for reasons of my own. Some reasons are in honor of history, some are scary "now" reality. They will be explained in a future post on the project. Part of the participation will be to blog about my experience with it. Savvy bloggers will notice the "Iraq War" label on said posts and will ignore such posts if they are not supportive or not interested. My hope is that everyone will understand the true spirit of the project and not focus on the fact that it is spotlighting only one gender. Sometimes the spotlight has to shine on one of many so that many can see the "many". I don't know "one", but I do know some of the "many". May they be blessed and home safe soon.
I have added the Threading Water blog to my link list to make it easier to find in the future. If you are at all interested in participating, please do. I feel this to be worthwhile.

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