Sunday, May 27, 2007

Seriously Goofy

I know, I know....I haven't been posting much about Tucker lately. He's still here! I've just been really busy with the pooch and with the yard and haven't done much else .....well, with the exception of picking a bunch of knots out...but I'll get into that in another post.
Here we have Tuckeroo in his Seriously Goofy pose. He's standing up leaning on the railing of the deck that is not really a railing but some 2x4s nailed up to keep him on the front deck and out of my garden. Yep, the ears are still out of control at times, but for the most part they hang down like an ASD. Only when he's really interested in something do they stand up or semi stand. lol
"What has he been up to?", you may ask. Well, he's been doing great in his Puppy Training classes and we only have two left. I just have to remember to work him at home and keep working him. lol He's growing like a weed. DH helped me measure him last night as I was curious what the measurements are. Tucker is 26.5" tall at the shoulder and 63 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail. Crapola! He's a BIG dog lol. I guesstimate his weight at approx 95 lbs. I'm trying to get him into town this next week so I can weigh him at the vets office. It might not happen until the following week though.

Ok, now I must tell you about the car washing incident. I had decided to clean out my car and wash it as my sister was coming into town and we needed to pick her up. I didn't want her riding in the Tucker seat covered with gravel and dirt looking out windows smeared with dog snot and nose prints. Not to mention the paw prints on the car! So, I open up the doors and he climbs right in figuring we're going for a ride. I cleaned out all the junk and garbage and rolled out the vacuum. Now, Tucker has never seen the vac in action. He's an outside dog.....Vac is an inside tool. I was completely expecting him to take off running and hide from this growling monster with the suction power. Did he? NO. He stayed in the car. Followed my every movement. Tried to eat the crevice tool and discovered suction for the first time. Oh yeah, and he liked it. He thought having his lips and tongue vacuumed felt great. He didn't mind it one bit when I pulled out another attachment and started to vacuum his back, sides and chest. He thinks this is great! Now you all know if I wanted to vacuum him that would be a totally different matter and would not be even remotely ok!
Ok that was the vacuuming part of washing the car. It was entertaining enough and I laughed through most of it. But wait....I still had to wash the car. Some of you will remember that the last time I washed the car, Tucker climbed up on the riding lawn mower and fell asleep. (If not...check out this post.) He was 2 months old at the time and did not like the hose one bit. Well evidently things have changed. He's decided that biting the stream of water that comes out of the hose is great fun! It took much longer than necessary to wash the car as he was constantly rubbing up against the soapy vehicle and needing to be rinsed off. Then he'd run around like crazy and come back for more. I wish I had been able to get pics of it, but DH was at work and camera, water and soap do not mix. Next time we'll try it with DH home and see if he does the same thing.

Ok, I leave you with one more shot. This shows the Red Neck Barricade that keeps The Beastie on the deck and out of the garden. (Don't ask why there are no railings around the deck. It's a long story. Not long in the telling, just long in the happening. ;) ) This is the next project as Tucker is about an inch away from figuring out how to get through this. When he does it will be Diggers Delight Day in the garden and I will probably commit homicide or suicide...not sure which. lol I've brought home some nice green coated wire and am hoping to put that up with the 2x4's as top rails so he can still put his paws up I know he will. If it works out the top of the wire will be at 4' with a rail at that height and then another rail 18-24" above that. That should give me some peace of mind. Mind you, wood you see leaning there will have to go, so some wire will need to be put at the bottom of the deck to keep him from walking through under there too. Got it covered wire wise, I think. Just need the hubsters a-ok as he's the one who'll be able to see the flaws in my cunning plan.
Well I need to get to work around here. There's laundry to get done, and various house work to do and then if I'm lucky some fleece to wash. But the back deck needs to be cleaned off first! It's raining right now and should be clearing up, so I'd like to have fleece ready to wash and hang out to dry. That means picking through them first. OY! It's always something.
Did I mention that I'm getting Tucker a kiddie pool to play in this summer? I'm not sure where I'm putting it and am not sure it will last. However, I'm getting it cheap and if he tears it apart it's no big loss. I have a feeling he'll lay in it. Should be good for some funny pics!


Cindy said...

I think Tucker will be bigger than Grover! OMG, that's amazing. He looks like such a puddin'. I love him. Grover attacks the hose like it's a snake and shakes it. Makes for entertaining watering. I will say, he completely ignores the kiddie pool. Thanks for the pix and report.

sydney said...

Tucker always makes me smile. He should have a lot of fun in the kiddie pool this summer. Your garden is looking great. Oh, I plan to do the meme today. I'm almost caught up.

Donna said...

Tucker is just too adorable. He is sooo big and sweet looking. I loved the car wash story and was lol. My golden retriever loves the kiddie pool we got for him. He jumps in and out and collects all his toys and throws them in. Have fun with the big guy.