Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tucker--6 Months Old

First I bring you pics of the pooch in the pool. lol At first he looked at it as one big water bowl, but after some tugging and pushing he finally stepped into it on the second day. Then he though that was great! He can now walk and drink at the same time. No one has caught him sitting or laying in it yet on his own and the only time we've seen it was when we made him sit in it to show him he could, but there are definite possibilities there. lol He seems to enjoy it so far, as the weather gets hotter and stays dryer, he may figure it out on his own.

Today Don and I took a trip out to a special place (that I'll blog about in a the trip really deserves it's own post!) and on the way home we stopped off at the Kangaroo farm that Tucker was born on. We dropped by to take a couple of pics of his mom and dad so that we have them for his album. I find it fascinating to look at the parent dogs and see which traits he pulled from each. This is Lucy, his mommy.

This is Don with Tommy. Look---Tucker's two Pa's in one pic! lol You can certainly see where he gets his size and build from. Tommy is about a year and a half old now and I don't think he's quite done filling out, but he should be done getting height and length! Look familiar?! lol

For comparison, here's a pic of Don and Tucker taken when we got home. I was trying for a closer match on the pose, but you take what you can get with Tucker. lol He's almost as tall and as long as his dad...but not quite. It's close enough to make you go hmmm though.

Today was bath day for Tucker. He's not thrilled about that! For some reason he will play with the hose while you are washing cars, watering stuff, cleaning out buckets, ect.....but if it's directed at him and involves shampoo....forget it. He was so absolutely stressed and pathetic that Don took some time out from him project to help me get Tucker finished. These last two pics are of Tucker after the bath all wet and clean!

In this pic you see Don working with Tucker on his Sit and Wait commands. ;) See how wet that pooch is!


Cindy said...

I've tried to comment 3 times. I love the pix of Tucker. His Mom and Dad are beautiful, but is your husband tall? I mean Tucker doesn't look that big standing with your husband, but his bone structure kind of screams HUGE. I think your little guy is going to be truly a giant breed dog. What a dumplin'.

Eve said...

I agree a dumpling like mine is. He is gonna be big. Growing like a weed. Thanks for looking at my blog too. Loved the Gentle Leader even if Whoppo doesn't. Makes controling a 45 pound puppy a lot easier.