Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Stuff

See! I finally got a picture of him with his "normal" ears!!!

There really hasn't been much actual knitting or crocheting going on around here. (Well, until today that is.) I've been busy with Tucker and trying to catch up on housework. The yard work has fallen by the way side as the rains have come back. Any outdoor work getting done on my part has been maintenance in the garden.

A couple of weeks back I lost my knitting mojo. The only thing to do when that happens is to....(all together now..) "Start a new project!". As it was the actual knitting getting to me, I decided to crochet. Once I progressed into the crochet project, the knitting started to creep back into my brain. So now I'm working on both. Today I managed to complete the heel in hubster's sock (yes....still #1 sock!) and had him try it on. It fit rather comfortably and I'm now working up the leg on it. I figure I'll knit until I want to vomit, have him try it on to determine if it's long enough, then set it aside for a bit while I crochet myself silly. (Those of you that know me personally are aware that trip is only a few chain stitches

I've got big plans for the next few weeks, all of which are wholly uninteresting and having to do with cleaning and de cluttering my/our life. One of which involves a financial housecleaning and new budget. (Man I hate dealing with numbers!) I'll try to at least make some progress on the spinning of alpaca, and the knitting of socks so that you have something decent to read about. Can't promise anything though, so don't hold your breath. If you don't hear from me in a week or two, just know I'm busy. lol

I leave you with this picture of a butterfly I found in the garden today. He was on the ground and is missing part of his left wing. I'm not sure what it's called. He seemed to fly ok...but definately wasn't moving up to butterfly speed so I placed him on the clematis vine to hang out for awhile. He was gone when I went out to harvest salad this evening. I hope that's because he flew away and not because a certain black cat ate him. Sigh.


Cindy said...

YES! I'm currently spinning an alpaca/romney/corriedale blend. It's very interesting and tends to grab. I haven't plyed it yet, so I don't know how it will react, but it's fun to spin even if it's a bit fiddly. You give Tucker a big old hug for me, and I consider you my friend as well, April. Does Tucker drool when it's hot? Grover leaves a trail in the house. It's kinda yucky.

April said...

Tucker doesn't drool much, but man he slobbers when he drinks! He slims up the dish or pool really quick! ICK!