Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tour de Fleece 2007

Yipeee!!! I signed up for the Tour de Fleece this year and am going to spend most of my free time getting ready to start. If you are interested in joining there is still time! Here's a blatant cut and paste job from Star's Blog to explain how it goes; but check out her blog as she's got lots of interesting stuff there.

And I quote....

Guidelines (NOT RULES):
1. Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 7th through Sunday July 29th. Days of rest: Monday, July 16th, Tuesday July 24th. (Just like the actual tour)
2. Spin something challenging Wednesday July 25th. (The last hard climbing mountain stage in the Pyrenees - Col d’Aubisque)
3. Take a button if you want one. Then we can use the button on our blogs in show of solidarity. Take it from here or grab a clean one from the flickr pool.
4. Wear yellow on Sunday July 29th to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour - but here we are all 'race leaders')
5. Other colors if desired: Green (sprinter - think FAST), Polka-dot (climber - as in uphill), and white (rookie)
6. In the event I am the ONLY person doing this, no public mocking."
.......and I unquote!

Yeah, that last one? She has NOTHING to worry about at all, at all. At the time of this posting, she has 108 known participants listed on her blog (I'm number 45!) and who knows how many others that are participating, but not listed yet! lol.

Last year I stumbled across the Tour de Fleece about mid way through and enjoyed reading about everyone's progress. It seemed that there were a lot of people who were trying to spin a complete fleece last year and I was fascinated by it. I was really glad that I came across it at Boogie Knits because I wanted to participate this year. I'm not spinning a complete fleece....well not really. My goal is to spin up all my "ready to spin" fiber to make room for new hand dyed stuff. There's probably a complete fleece in there somewhere. I just can not justify dyeing more fiber when I have so much to do! Amongst all that "ready to spin" is some not so ready...the second alpaca skein and it needs to be done first. (I'll post later about the finished first one.) Oh wait! There is a complete, albeit small, Jacob fleece in there too! It's not technically in the ready to spin mode yet as it needs to go through the carder a time or two. So anyway...I foresee a bunch of alpaca combing and carding as well as some last minute carding to be done in the next 6 days. I'll need to get on that in the next few days though as at least two of those days will not be practical for carding due to large dog. I'll explain that later. I am hoping that at the completion of the Tour I will have at least one skein of hand spun ready to enter into the state fair. This would be my first entry and another of my "to do in 2007" list items crossed off. We'll see though. lol

It looks like a large amount of fun, so please do join in!

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