Saturday, June 30, 2007

So Ya Wanna Compare Bad Dog Stories?

No's bad. But you'll have to wait for it. lol
Let me first start you all with a basic Tucker update. A couple of weeks ago we went to the vet for the first time. I administered his puppy shots, but it was time for the rabies shot and we needed a weight on him to be able to get an estimate on the neutering procedure. Our vet is between 30-45 minutes away from our home. Yes, there are closer vets....but they are not Steve. Anyway, Tucker and I headed on down the road to a new experience for him. I wasn't concerned about him in the vets office as he's used to going into a store type situation from having gone to work with me for so long. I was concerned about how receptive he was going to be to being poked and prodded by strangers. I filled my pockets with goodies to give him incentive to behave.
Tucker did wonderful at the vets office. He weighed in at 94.8 lbs ( at 6.5 months!) and allowed everyone to do their jobs. He loved on anyone that came near him and was a major hit in the office. He even took his shot like a man. That's my boy. We had to wait around for a bit in the lobby for some test results and he stretched out on the lino to wait. We ended up with an antibiotic for an abscessed baby tooth that we scheduled to have removed at the same time we have him neutered, a few wormer tablets and an appointment for a small procedure. lol
The wormer went in him when we got home with no problems....the antibiotics had to be shoved down his throat as they are not chewable....and he chews up everything he eats. The abscessed puppy tooth disappeared the very next day. Perfect. He felt punky for a couple of days, but that was understandable considering the abscess, the wormer and the rabies shot. He felt fabulous by Saturday. Trust me. Nothing was bothering him at all that day.

Saturday evening I got home from work before hubby and noticed this after I pulled down the drive way.

What's that? Well....that would be the wiring harness under the hubsters four wheel drive. Eaten clean in two. Don't believe me? Check this out.
Yep. He rendered the truck inoperable. Can you top that? (If so...speak quietly. We'd like to not give him any ideas at this point.)

Luckily for the pup, his Pa is mechanically and electrically inclined. Otherwise this would have cost us a pretty penny. Unfortunately he repeated the performance the day after this was fixed. I'm not to sure what the "fix" for this is going to be, but believe me, there's no guilty feelings from the hubster for having this one fixed. (The dog, that is! lol)
Here's Mr. Contrite trying to look like he's picked on. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off due to goofy holiday scheduling at work. Tucker gets fixed on Tuesday morning, then I'll be with him all day Wednesday and I'm planning on him going to work with me on Thursday, just so I can keep him calm for a couple of days. (That and a few of his fan's want to see him. lol) He's got a busy week ahead of him and a bit of surprise on Tuesday me thinks!
All in all he's not had it too bad. We can't seem to catch him eating the truck, so we can't really punish him for it. He's got no clue that it's a huge no no, just that we're really angry with him about something sometimes. He's had a few man-to-man discussions with his Pa under the truck, but I can't see that they have really sunk in yet. Goodness....let us have patience to get him fully trained!
He's really developing into a beautiful dog. (Yes, I am biased. I know.) I noticed a few days ago that he has long black hairs coming in in the same areas that the German Shepherd "saddle" is. It will be interesting to see how his coat changes as he grows. Right now he still has the Anatolian build and coloring and his ears are for the most part Anatolian. (Other than his decidedly German Shepard face.heheh ) He's gotten bulkier these last two weeks and he's showing all the signs of getting taller/longer again. Goodness! Where will it end? Technically we've got about another 6-9 months of height/length growth and then about 10-12 months of bulk out. The jokes circulating about me buying him a pony saddle are not too far off the truth mark. lol


Cindy said...

Thankfully, I have nothin' compared to your story. Oh, but Tucker is so beautiful. I cannot imagine life without our giant pups.

April said...

Oh me neither! Truth be told, he's been such a good pup that I don't have any He's loved dearly around here, and he knows it. I hope to see a pic of Grover soon. ;)