Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Yesterday while Tucker was having his surgery, I had to kill about 4 hours before I could pick him up. So I figured I would bum around a few stores and catch lunch with a friend before going back to the vets office. Let me confess to you that I'm horrible at "shopping" and I'm not one that enjoys "shopping" just to kill time. That would probably explain why I gave in so readily when my brain said, "Hey, let's go to your fav bookstore. There's probably something there you want." So off I went...rather quickly too. (I'm such a geek.) And what did I find? "Hands On Spinning" by Lee new condition for $4.95. (It's a used bookstore...hence being my favorite.) The spinners in this area hold onto their books. It's absolutely rare to fine one and to do so you have to hand sort through all the weaving, macrame, crochet and knitting books, pamphlets and mags. It's time consuming and oh, so relaxing. This was a major score for me and helped make a difficult morning so much better. I also scored two pattern pamphlets (copyrighted 1949) for floral doilies. I have a weakness for these older types of pattern pamphlets and had to have them as well. I will be trying out some of these patterns as the flowers are 3-d and I can already think of a few things I'd like to do with them.
Well, it's almost time to start the Tour de Fleece and I really can't wait. I thought I'd flash a pic of the stash pre-Tour and hopefully will have a picture of a much reduced stash at the end of the month. Remember, my goal is to spin up my "ready to use" stash. Stuff that's been sitting in the wings ready to go. So along with the two unimpressive photos, I give you a list of what these pics contain. I don't have weights on all of them, but will of course list weights at the time of completion of skeins.
These are listed as they came out of the baskets, not in order of preferred spinning.
1) 13 oz White Lincoln,2) dark green silk/merino,3) Teal mystery wool, 4) "dragon mountain" wool, 5) 8 oz Brown/gray Lincoln, 6)Natural Brown-Soft n Silky, 7)Shetland, 8)Tropical Corrie locks, 9) Unpleasant Frizzy brown (which hopefully will become pleasant not so frizzy brown after some gentle carding. I have my doubts.) 10) Joaquin-The Alpaca! 11) The Jacob fleece (in the purple bucket) There is also some dark green/olive green silk/merino, some Tan cotton and some chiengora stashed in there, but those three are excluded from the Tour unless I complete all 11 on the list. I, by no means, think I will get half of these done as that is a lot of spinning, and I'm striving for quality, not just quantity. Nevertheless, it's fun to see them all in print. Some still need some carding done, but I'll work through what I've got and card a bit here and there as necessary. I did get the Alpaca carded today, so work can start on that soon. I'm looking forward to that. I'm aiming for a true lace weight with that skein. ;)
Other than that stuff, there's been work in the yard/garden as the weather allows. It's tough sometimes as it seems it's either too wet and cold or to darn hot to be out there. I prefer weeding in the rain over temps in the 80's though. I was able to finish weeding the edging beds and was able to get the corner bed done. I'll be able to add some more plants to it as I find them on sale. Next year it should look really good. That leaves the long driveway bed and the rose bed (once again). They both should be quick as they were mulched with bark and the weeds are more large, than thick.
Work on the crochet shawl is moving along. I do suspect that I have too many increases though as it's pretty ruffly at this stage. I'm not sure though so I'll plow onward and hope for the best. Hubsters sock is about 3 inches away from the ribbing and cast of. (I know, Gasp! lol) I work on either the sock or the shawl depending on the mood, but I'm much faster at the crochet so it's progressing much quicker. (I'm fighting the urge to start a pansy doily from the new to me pamphlets. Must. Stay. Strong. Focus. On. The. Tour!)
Well time to close this out for tonight. The fireworks are increasing as the sun goes down, and it's time to console the children (dogs/cats). I hope every one's Independence Day was safe but fun!

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Taueret said...

crikey! Great find! The used bookstores round here never have any kind of craft books, unfortunately. You've also made me realise I need to get some kind of plan for the Tour de Fleece... right now it's just a vague intention to spin some!