Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well isn't that special! For some reason, I'm unable to put a title on this one. The title field box is there, and blank but I am unable to get my cursor there to type a title. Oh well, I'll move forward and we'll see if Blogger let's me title this one later.

In the interest of trying to keep this from being a huge blog post I'm going to break this one down in an "update" format. There's not much to tell today so this should be quick.
Tucker Update: He is FINE, really! He has recovered just fine and is back to being what passes as normal for him. Stuff like running around the yard with a large bucket or planter on his head, sleeping under the truck, howling at sirens, chewing on me, chasing the bugs, etc. Yep, he picked up right where he left off. Sorry for the crappy pic of him, but he would NOT sit still. So, as you can see, he's doing dandy. Me? I'm ready to use the sedatives on him again lol. We took him on a walk today on a paved public trail that we've used before. I was reminded of something that I had forgotten by the Hubster.(A good thing too! I had totally forgotten this.) For some reason unknown to me, Tucker has a dislike of people on skates. He would love to run with the joggers and the cyclists and I hope one day to train him to run while I bike. But if some one goes by with skates on, he gets all upset. Today his back hair came up and he barked at the skater. Luckily Hubster warned me the guy was coming and I had a good hold on him! He doesn't normally bark so I was completely surprised by that.

Tour de Fleece Update: OK, I'm off and running now. Or rather, off and spinning lol. For this update you get two pictures! The first is the first 4 oz of brown/gray Lincoln. I have to admit that I am forcing myself to spin this. I've become so spoiled with the Alpaca, and this is so much coarser that if I don't force myself to spin it, I'll never complete it. It's really a nice single though. I've already started on the other half of it and will ply the two together when I'm done. I'm not sure what this will become, but it's whispering that it really should be an outerwear garment. I don't have enough of it to make anything outerwear that I'm aware of, but I'll think of something. In some lighting it looks gray, in some it looks brown. We'll see how it looks next to the white Lincoln I have in the basket to spin up this month too. Next up is the Alpaca. Then I think I'll work on some of the smaller bundles I have there. (Just so you don't think I'm some sort of machine......I started this 4 oz before the official start of the Tour. The next 4 oz should take me longer. lol)

Garden Update: OH MY! Where to begin?! OK, with the heat wave that we've been experiencing lately the garden has taken off like crazy. The cucumbers are still behind, but I think that's because they were being stunted by some overgrowth near them. The pumpkin plant is getting tall enough to lay over. That will probably happen this week. We've been eating some of the young zucchinis and turnips. Also we've been using the lettuces, radish and spinach. With the heat, the spinach is bolting so that will be done, but the lettuce is pretty well protected and growing great. Some of the tomatoes plants have actual tomatoes on them now and the peas are showing pods finally! yeah! The beans are pathetic, but are starting to pick up. (I think I planted them too early.)

Other updates: 1) There's been no noticeable amounts of knitting or crocheting. :( 2) There's been the minimum of cleaning. lol 3) Clean laundry has piled up again and I really must fold it tonight. 4) I'm going to learn to ride a motorcycle! 5) All the other kiddies are doing well. As proven by the following pics. (Abbie declined her photo op today, she's found a nifty new hidy hole and didn't want Salem to find it. So another day.)

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