Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunday post on Tuesday

We'll just open with the only reason most of you read my blog anymore. There. Happy? I was looking online at images of Anatolian's today and found that the reddish coat he's displaying is common, as are the goofy ears, the markings on his legs and his build. He seems to be deeper in the chest than any of the one's I'm seeing online though, so I'll continue to look. To explain the pic, Tucker is looking at me in the garden. Don took this and a few others of me working in the garden on Sunday and if I didn't dislike how I look so much I'd post them.( I may do so anyway later as the pooch is so cute. ) However, in this one he's watching me and trying to get me to come give him kisses at the deck. lol.

I'd like to encourage you all to go see Knittingal and say hello. She's running a contest and anyone who comments is entered. There are LOADs of wonderful pics on her blog, ( have her on my feed reader so I know when she updates!) including some of Oliver, Tucker's other online buddy. (Grover being the first, lol) Anyhoo, you'll run across lots of fun people there! Same can be said for Woven N Spun. I didn't win her Knitting bingo contest, but it was fun all the same. Turns out we were all needing the same word, and I was wrapped up in a book when she announced it. lol. Maybe next time!
There is finally pictorial proof that I've been working on Don's other sock. I started taking it to work with me as it's so very quiet at work right now. (There's some major road construction going on and the boss is ok if I knit between taking care of customers and other job duties. ;) At this rate the darn thing will be done in just a few days. This pic was taken tonight. See? I am working on it!

I am making progress on the Tour de Fleece. There's not much to show as I'm working on the Alpaca and it's taking some time. I had Saturday off from spinning so I could go see The Order of the Phoenix and have dinner with Don. (A real date even! lol) And Sunday was filled with minor chores between chapters of The Deathly Hallows*. I figure I'm still doing good as there are a couple of days that the riders take off and do not ride and some of my spinning days are power spinning days. Like 6 to 7 hrs worth of spinning. So I feel good about it and don't feel like I'm cheating or anything. I never did pick a jersey color as it just never occurred to me. hehehe. Duh. I should be able to complete the Alpaca this week and then there are a couple of small bags of roving that I'll work on. That will make the completed list look better, lol.

I leave you with a picture of Abbie. She's checking out the contents of Grover's graduation pressy from Tucker. This should be hitting the postal service tomorrow. There's a little something in there for Grover's mommy too. ;)
*On the whole HP thing....I devoured that book way to quickly. It was really an uncontrollable thing. Honest. Now I'm re-reading The Order of the Phoenix and will just finish the books to the end. I'm not one to spoil the ending so don't worry about that. lol


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, that boy is so adorable. I cannot believe how beautiful he is getting. Slow down on the sock or Don will think everything can be done that quickly:) As for HP, I'm reading it now, but I will admit to you that I skipped to the end because I just couldn't stand it. Now, to find Order of the Phoenix (I have misplaced it). Give your boys and Abby a hug for me.

sydney said...

Tucker has turned into a nice looking dog. I like the colors in Don's socks. I agree though, you need to slow down. :)

Donna said...

Hi! The contest I had was such fun. I wish I could have sent something to everyone. Tucker is sure looking cool and Oliver is very impressed with his physique! You are speed knitting on those socks. They look great. Lucky Don.

Cindy said...

It's been over a week and I'm worried about you. Is everything ok?

Donna said...

Hey where are you guys...hope all is well with you both and Tucker too...Oliver says whoof!