Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Knitting, Motorcycles, Ravelery and Stuff

Ta Da! In the wee hours of the morning, before dropping off to sleep.....I finally cast off the first of Don's pair of socks. I did not "immediately" cast on, but will cast on for number two tonight, after a little alpaca spinning. ;) It's been so long since I cast this one on that I'll be looking up how to do the figure 8 cast on for toe up socks again. lol. All that plain knitting in the round has me decided that before I cast on for my pair, I'll be looking for a more interesting pattern. Don tried it on, proclaimed it comfy and is probably thinking he'll have the pair by January. Oh innocent man, if only you were that lucky!
With all the hubbub on the blogs lately about Ravelery, I thought I'd check it out. It wasn't until Cindy said she signed up that I seriously looked at it though. With words such as "time suck" and "stash organization" being bandied about I was much fearful. With everything going on around here I avoid all "time suck" type things as I just don't have that kind of time. And seriously. If I were to get my "stash" organized, Don may realize just what kind of stash I have and decide that I need a recovery program or something! But when I saw the pattern sharing.......well, I admit, I caved. Signed up so fast I didn't realize what I had done until it was too late. As they are still in Beta testing mode, maybe I won't be granted entrance into the golden gates that are Ravelery until Fall, or better yet early Winter! Then I will have more computer time available! Uh huh, yeah. Right. Oh crap, what have I done?! lol I am really not a "joiner" and here I am joining my third thing in almost the same number of weeks! First there was the Tour de Fleece. Then there was the knitting bingo thing over at Woven_Spun (I won't win, I never do...but this was new and sounded like fun!) and now Ravelery. Ah well, let's hope I don't get sucked into that site too bad.
And now for a change up.....
Don started riding a motorcycle last spring. He bought it, all his gear and took the Rider Safety Course as well. He's been loving it completely. About two weeks ago I bought a helmet so I could ride on the back with him. Not all the time but just to see if I was interested in learning to ride myself. He did tell me that I wouldn't like being the passenger as much as being the driver. I thought that he was teasing me, as I'm a great one for telling him how to drive. lol He was right though. I am learning how to ride the bike myself and as long as he can stand it I'll take lessons from him and am scheduled for the same rider safety course that he took. My class is early September. There's a bunch of free time being spent on learning this now, so that's another reason there's little craft posting.
Ok now for a really cool thing! Donna left a comment on my blog about Tucker so I went back to hers to do the same and guess what I saw?!!! I'm linked on her blog! That is so cool! I've never noticed before that I was listed there! So drop by her blog and tell her I sent you! She's getting ready to start a contest. I'll probably join that one too. Why not? I'm in the joining mood lately!
I ordered the new Harry Potter book through Amazon last week but didn't pay for the shipping so I won't have it on the release date. No spoilers! Do Not Tell Me! I should have it soon after though and to keep me happy in the mean time, "Charmed Knits" is on its way to me as we speak. That should keep me happy for a bit of time. I have not seen the Order of the Phoenix movie yet, but I will soon. I've been so busy this summer that I've not even had time to go see the Pirates movie. (Yes! I know! It's terrible! Don! We need to go see a movie!) Granted, I'll probably buy both, but either way, we should see them on the big screen!
Ok I've got to get the left overs put away and knock out some spinning for the tour. Time to end this one. I believe it's long enough as it

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Donna said...

I love your blog and have fun reading it. If you go a little further back on my blog you will see a picture of my "little" scamp Oliver. I think Tucker is a honey. Thanks for the link and please do enter contest. The swag is pretty cool.