Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rut- Row Scooby!

I don't know why, but this seems to be Tucker's new fascination. These are, or rather, were my driveway lights. They were solar, low lighting down the driveway, and this picture shows the ones that have migrated into the house in the last week or two. I was gathering them up to take them out to the shed when I thought, "Wow, there are 5 solar units here! I wonder how many are left out there." When I went out to look there were 2 laying side by side in the yard, freshly pulled and another one farther down the driveway. I'm sure when I get around to weeding out the flower bed he'll discover the last few. The only thing I can think of is that they blink when their power is low and that may have attracted him. I know, it's no excuse. What can I say?

Don took these pictures of him this morning through the fan shaped window at the top of the door. Notice how he's looking right at him? Smart puppy! And yes, that is his foot through the lattice. I guess the deck is just too small for him. lol

"If your not bringing me coffee...leave me alone." Yep...he's my dog alright! Look at that snarly grimmace!

Recognise the pillow from a previous post? Abbie decided to show everyone how to use the pillow properly.

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Cindy said...

Both shots of Tucker and an Abby shot, too? The adorable factor is high here today. I'm curious about the solar lights, too. Wonder what the lure is?