Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tour de Fleece

I finally finished the skein I've been working on as part of my Tour goal. This is the brown/gray Lincoln that weighed approx 8 oz. It is currently hanging to dry and when that is done I'll re skein it, count the yardage and weigh it on the scale. It felt good to finally get it done last night. It felt like I wasn't making any progress at all and then all of a sudden it was time to ply.

Here's the obligatory coin shot...badly out of focus. lol. I checked out some of the progress "reports" on the message board and have since decided not to check those anymore. I'll focus on my spinning goals instead. I don't have a lot of time on the Internet right now anyway, and need to spend that time updating this here blog. lol

This picture I completely apologise for right now. It's completely out of focus, but it's only purpose was to show you the full bobbin with a true color representation. This is the teal mystery wool on my Tour list. I spun this up and plan to leave it in single form until I spin up some copper colored wool that is yet to be dyed. (Yep, sounds like another dyeing fiasco in my future.lol) I'm planning on plying this with two copper singles, making a three ply out of it.
With these two crossed off my list it was time to change ratios on my wheel. I'm nearly ignorant when it comes to the wheel ratios, what they are best for and even which I have. (I could look it up, but that would take valuable spinning time.) All I know is that I decided that I wanted to change ratios before I spun up any more Alpaca as it felt like I was spinning faster than I should have been to get the job done last time. So today I successfully adjusted my wheel, tied on a new drive band and took off with the next packet of Alpaca. Much better, but I'll confess to thinking I may try out the next ratio too. I feel like I'm treadling as if I'm in a race still, and really.....this is suppose to be relaxing.
Well it's time to call it a night. I've another post in the works, but it can wait until tomorrow. ;) Nite all.

Update: The brown weighed in at 8.75 oz and approx 538 yards.


Cindy said...

Your Tour de Fleece spinning makes me feel ashamed. I have not spun once during this time. Can I get your email address? Mine is cynthibuckle@yahoo.com. That way we can exchange addresses off the blogs. What are you going to make from the teal? It is stunning.

April said...

No shame girlie! You're working on the Mystery Shawl which is completely beyond me at this point!