Sunday, August 19, 2007

116 Reasons He Can't Go To Work With Me Every Day

Each time I sit down to place a post on the blog, I take a deep breath and type in "OK, Where where we?"......Then I go back and erase that line and start all over. I confess this as it's a good indicator of how fast time is going for me right now. I feel like a kid who's summer vacation is zipping right along. I just can not believe that Fall is right around the corner!
For one thing, I'm absolutely astounded with the amount of finished items I'm going to show you today. Usually they are few and far between, but I have a few small ones for you. Normally a finished item being posted here is worthy of some sort of ceremony, or at least a glass of wine in honor of the occasion. But sadly, no wine right now. (Dang diet!)
First up is Melissa's slippers. Yes, I know! These would be the famous spend-a-summer-dyeing-everything-in-sight-trying-to-obtain-solid-purple slippers. You remember don't you? Well if not here's a bit of a recap. I (foolishly) offered to spin a skein of yarn for her using some of my wool and some of her dog's wool and then knit her some slippers. I say foolishly since I had a few lessons to learn in this process. #1 being it's darn hard to dye a solid purple using food color. Check out the archives. I spent most of last summer dyeing near misses before finally getting as close as I did. Lesson # 2 was to figure out how much yardage needed for the pattern before commencing the dyeing/spinning part. I ended up with too little yarn for the requested style of slippers. At that point the yarn went into hiding while I completed some other projects that were higher on the list. ;) Lesson #3 will explain why there are two pairs of slippers here. Yep, It's Knit a Swatch!!! After digging up a pattern online that requires ridiculously small amounts of yarn for some really comfy slippers, I cast on and away I went. Um, yeah. Finished the first one in record time and it was way to small. So, I moved up needle sizes, cast on and that one was way to big, but could be felted down, which was what she wanted it all worked out. I had just enough leftover yarn to knit a second smaller one, so she ended up with two pairs. I really wonder now if we could have used the original pattern of choice. Hmmm...
The next finished object is a simple knitted washcloth. I tried this pattern when I was trying to learn to knit and just could not grasp the pattern. I decided to give it a try and see if it was me or the pattern. It was me. This time it went much smoother and was quickly completed!

I think I'll save the last finished object for a fresh post. This one's getting to be too picture heavy! But before I go, here's a shot of my motorcycle. I'm not done detailing it out as I'm waiting for Don to finish changing stuff out on it. I believe he's almost soon, I'll be tied up washing chrome again lol.
OK, And those 116 reasons Tucker can't go to work with me all the time? It's poundage. He spent Friday at work with me and at lunch we walked over to the local vets to get his weight. 116.6 lbs. That's pretty close to the 120 I had him pegged at and today he is 8 months old. He does take up a bit of space behind the counter! lol
Here he is standing at the counter as if to say, "Can I help you?"


Cindy said...

Tucker is gorgeous!!! What a pretty boy. And, yes, he is large. Ok. Huge. I love your motorcycle. And, your finished objects? You've been a very busy girl. Give your big boy, Tucker a hug for me, and Grover sends a "rrrrufff".

Donna said...

Tucker is amazing. He looks like he is ready and willing to help. Oiver and I really admired him in his two photos. Oliver said to tell Tucker he is a little behind him in weight, only 95 pounds! Will be adding pics for Tucker to check out soon!