Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a Busy, Busy Boy!

I came home one evening to a pooch that had discovered how to finger paint. lol He'd finally gotten the lid open on a nearly empty 5 gallon bucket of paint. (I thought the stuff had dried out already. lol guess not!) Luckily this was the largest portion on him...the rest were just splashes here and there.

That same night he showed me how much fun you can have with an old office chair on the deck. While it's a noisy's also great exercise! Yep...back and forth and then around and around and around!

Sorry about the quality of these pics, but it's hard to get good pictures through the fan shaped window at the top of the door. (Especially if you're perched on top the dog food container laughing your butt off at the subject of the pictures!)


Cindy said...

Those pictures made me laugh out loud. What a busy puppy he is. And, he is still very much a puppy. I love the painted toe.

Donna said...

Oliver says that he wants a green toe too! What a hoot you must have with Tucker. I know, it's either laugh or you'll cry!