Sunday, August 26, 2007

Picture This!

A completely picture-less blog post today. Why? Because I'm too lazy to go out and take some pictures for you. Sorry. I'll remedy that next time.

There's not a whole lot to post on today, but I thought I'd drop in and let you all know I'm still alive. (Yes, all three of you. Not huge numbers but all three of you are special!lol) The next couple of weeks should be busy, so I'm not sure when the next post will be. Gotta take the chance while it's here.

Don has finished the repairs to my motorcycle and is planning on riding it this week to work the "kinks" out of it. It physically hurts to have it running and not be able to ride it. lol. It's the spoiled kid in me coming out I'm sure. I'm still trying to convince him that his bike would look better with the red trim and tank....but I don't think he's going for it. I guess I'll just have to save up for a paint job. VBG.

Tucker managed to bruise or strain a paw this last week. I'm pretty convinced he did it while trying to drag a pallet around the truck. Yes, that's correct, a pallet. Unfortunately for him, there was a spare tire leaning up against it (probably to prevent him from dragging it away.) and he dumped the whole mess on the ground. The other option is that he twisted it while pulling the pseudo- electric fence out of a flower bed. (It's real electric fencing wire, just pseudo as it's not hooked up. That will change soon.) This little mess I noticed when I was walking back from the neighbors house this evening. The same night Tucker developed his limp, I noticed Salem had developed an abscess on the back of his head. I managed to get that cleaned out pretty good and he's on the mend now. Ah, the joys of parent hood.

Speaking of really should go check this out. I laughed out loud until I cried. And I don't even have any kids! Then I went here and laughed some more. It's her actual blog! Thanks to Wool is Wonderful for posting that so I could find it so easy.

Well I'm off to cook some squash to add to the dinner menu for tonight. Maybe I'll get some knitting in as well. I'm itching to start some socks for me and I may just cheat and cast on tonight even though I have some slippers on the needles. Hmm....that's a fine idea!


Cindy said...

Give Tucker and Salem big hugs from Grover and me. Poor kids. This weekend you should be able to get out on your new bike and gogogogogogogo. Oh, and you don't need pics all the time. I read what you write and everything:)

Donna said...

I is a chore sometimes to do all the pictures. I enjoy what you write and I know that Oliver likes it when I read out loud the Tucker parts. Oliver sends his get well wishes to Tucker and Salem. Have fun on your bike and stay safe.

Donna said...

"Where oh where can my Tucker be...oh where oh where can he be...with his ears cut short and his tail cut long..where oh where can he be?" You too...miss your posts...hope all is well

Paula said...

Hi and Welcome to Dogs on Thursday! :)

Donna said...

Dogs on Thursday...were are you...we were here..hope all is well