Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out of the Cage

Oh I do so apologise! 2.5 weeks since the last post is terrible! I really don't know where the time goes or why suddenly this year it's going so quickly. I guess I've just filled up my life and have so much to do that it's a whirlwind. lol I suppose that's not altogether a bad thing though. So, we'll do a quick run down to get caught up then I'll try to get some pictures inserted in here before I do a separate special post.
First off, I completed my Motorcycle Rider Safety program last weekend and passed. I was able to get my endorsement on my license on Tuesday morning and had my first street ride after work with the hubster. How was it? You may well ask. It was scary. It was tense. It got dark much quicker than we thought and I was not happy about riding in the dark on my first ride. Did I live through it? Yep. So I guess I'll just have to get over it. lol. It wasn't a bad ride at all and gave me a good idea of how it felt to go that fast. I did think on the way home that I wanted my "cage" (car) back. So, having today off I decided to take my first "big girl" ride all by myself. lol I took a dry run to work on the bike and see how it felt. All was well, it was more comfortable and I'm more confident in being able to negotiate the corners. If the weathers good tomorrow I'll ride to work.
On the knitting front, I've managed to finish a pair of slippers promised to the boss. As soon as I get them felted I'll snap a pic and post it. They're the basic fuzzy feet felted variety. So that's another off the list of "to -do" this year. I was suppose to make hubby a pair too, but am wanting to knit myself a pair of socks. I just cannot decide on the pattern though. I've cast on no less than three times and ripped them all out. I'll hunt around some more and pick out a different pattern.
The spinning world has been a bit, well.....slow. I'm currently spinning some of the ugliest and sticky roving I've ever produced. All I can say is that the roving was prepared back when I knew not what I was doing and the left over lanolin in it makes for some very sticky stuff. I do believe that was the major contributing factor to the ugly color split on it. I'm hoping the finished yarn ends up prettier or I may just have to over dye it. Why bother spinning it you may ask. Well, it was on the list for Tour de Fleece and while the Tour is over, I am still working through the list to make room for new projects.
And here is my Ravelry report:
You are #16283 on the list.
4013 people are ahead of you in line.
16092 people are behind you in line.
37% of the list has been invited so far

The pictures I've inserted are all of the garden. We had a great time with the garden this year and although yields were not what I wanted, I've learned a lot. There will be some definite changes next year. I will probably have to disappear here in a week or two and start packaging stuff for the freezer. This weekend I'm reseeding my lettuce bed for fall and I'll plant a few other cool weather crops just to see how late I can extend the growing season. I'm undecided about cold framing the growing boxes this fall. I may wait until spring and use that as a jump start. I'm still thinking on it.

OK that's just about all for now. I've one more post to put up and then I'll try to get some more blog worthy stuff done ;)


Paula said...

Wow! What a garden!
Our garden is about had it here, we are getting ready for the cold weather.
We thined out what vegtable plants were left and I put in some mums and cabbages but that was about it.
LOL! Elise has done her fair share of digging in our gardens too!

Taueret said...

your garden looks so beautiful.