Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Are you sure I can't come inside?

I know you've all been waiting for you Tucker update, so here it goes! I've joined a blog group called Dogs on Thursday in the hopes that I can become more regular about updating you all on the pooch. There will be other updates as well, as we are owned by more animals than just Tucker. (Shocking, I know!) But as it's been two plus weeks since a pic of the beastie has been posted, I figured you were owed a Tucker post. (Thanks to Donna over at Knittingal for the heads up about this group! Now Tucker can make more friends on line.)

Here's the darling in his favorite napping spot having just been awakened by the front door. Notice the "bed head"? lol. That's his half alert look. He's had a busy week helping his Paw rebuild the shed into a more functional shed/motorcycle garage. This means he's had a great time carrying off various things that I'll collect from the yard later. It's tiring on the poor pooch.

He finally agreed to come up and have his picture taken "for real", but was still terribly sleepy. This is my favorite look on him. This is the time to cuddle him and get kisses. He will happily crawl into your lap if you let him.....but be warned....he's about 125lbs now. Don't ya just want to kiss him on the nose though?!

All cuddling done and out of the way, it's time to PLAY!!!!

Come on! I know you wanna play!

Fine then. I'll pose....but just for a second!

Tucker enjoyed having his Paw at home last week, and even got to go for a ride in the truck a couple of times. He loves that! He also discovered that the wire around a couple of flower beds isn't a shocker, so that had to be remedied today. I left the big bed that he's taken to sleeping in part of the day unplugged as I'm going to make some changes in it anyway and he's not hurting anything....yet. However the flowerbed at the end of the driveway was suspiciously holey this morning, and I'm not talking about figurines, so the wire was turned back on for that one. No real complaints though as the damage was minimal and his breed are diggers, so I've been expecting something for awhile. (I'm still working off the "I left it out so it's my fault" theory. lol)

It's hard to believe he'll be 9 months old on Saturday! Remember when he looked like this?! OY!


Paula said...

Your pooch is seriously adorable!
I can't believe he was that little as a little puppy and is this big at only 9 mos.! Hes going to be a big dog.
He looks so happy and I love the sweet face look too!
Welcome to Dogs on Tursday!
That was a great post!

Cindy said...

Grover has missed Tucker so much. He's happy to see him again. Wish we lived closer so the boys could play. I imagine there would be small earthquakes whenever they bounced! Have a great weekend.

Donna said...

It is so good to hear from you again. I missed you. Oliver missed his ole Tucker Pal too. I really do want to plant a big smooch on his sweet nose. What a character. Hope your knitting is going well...if only life didn't interfere!

Cactusneedles said...

My Ella would love him. She says "hi"!

Cindy said...

Hey! I hope all is well cause I miss you! Grover is worried about Tucker, too.