Sunday, September 30, 2007

Signs of Life

Dear Oliver and Grover (and everyone else too!)
I finally managed to wiggle my way into the house today. It only took me a few minutes to figure out how to contact you guys too! Thank goodness Dad's always online, that's a huge help. Mom's been really busy lately and has worn herself out. She's not been doing much of anything now...'cept taking care of me and the other four-leggers around here.

I just wanted to let you all know we're doing dandy and show you my new Monkey stick! I finally wore out the old one and Mom brought me a new one from work. YEAH!

Mom'll be back soon, but I wanted to let you all know not to worry, I'm doing fine.
UH OH! Someones coming. Gotta Go!



Cindy said...

dEer tUCkr
m glAd Ure k. WeE beeD werrieD bOUt U anD urE MoMmy. takEkerr.


Donna said...

daer tckuer, im gald u r bcak two. i msised haernig form u. good on u beraikng in the huose. keep up the good wrok. yuor firned oilvier woof woof.

Donna said...

Hi April, Oliver wouldn't let me help him so please excuse his spelling. His paws are huge and hit several keys at once! You are working too hard. Take a break and put your feet up. It is good to hear from you and your spinning is just beautiful. I like the"ugly skein". It has a very soothing look to it. Try a scarf and/or mittens. The colors will match just about anything.

Donna said...

P.S. Tucker is too sweet for words. Aren't big dogs just too goofy and they sneak right into you heart. Your little guy looks very comfy and very much at home!