Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dogs on Thursday-Part 2

Mowgli Ronald

I cannot let this month pass without acknowledging the anniversary of his passing. At this time last year I was a very miserable heartbroken woman. I think about him every day and still today cry with the hurt of missing him. He may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten.


Don Bangert said...

I miss him, too.

Cindy said...

Our babies are never forgotten. In fact, Mum and I were talking about the boy, Dylan Thomas, and we both wept. Mowgli Ronald was beautiful and obviously very very loved. He is alive in your hearts.

Donna said...

What a beauty he was. I have a saying that our dogs are our forever friends and when we cross the bridge after them they will be waiting on the other side for us. Grover is too funny. What a dumpling he is. I can't wait to meet your other friends.