Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

I really need to focus on two other dogs that live here too, but I seem to be fixated with the baby of the family. I think this week I'm going to try to get some good shots of Cody "the disappearing dog". I get out the camera and he casually walks away. So unlike Tucker who is totally in your face!
So yesterday I put out a "new" blanket on the deck for Tucker. He spent most of the day laying/playing on it. I tried to sneak out and get a picture of him sleeping on it, but as we have a mobile home he heard me coming and this is what I got when I whipped open the door and snapped the pic. lol Too funny if you ask me!
He did consent to lay down again with his Monkey Stick for a few minutes so I could get his pic. This is the best of 6 shots....all blurry. lol. He's definitely a dog in action.

The other night I opened the door to see what he was mauling on the front deck only to find the hubster had Tucker pinned down and was wrestling with him. In full motorcycle gear. It looked like Tucker was being attacked by an alien and was completely hilarious. If I can I'll get a pic of it soon. At the time the batteries in the camera were dead.
I had every intention of dressing him up for the Halloween costume contest, but have not been able to come up with a Tucker proof idea. Maybe I can get all three done next year. Wait till Xmas though...I have some embarrassing reindeer antlers on order for him. ;)


Jennifer said...

Such cute pix! What a good dog :)

Cindy said...

Dang, that pup needs a big ole hug from me. Please give him one for me since I can't. He's getting bigger, isn't he? And, Don wrestling with him on the porch. What a fabulous mental pic I have:)

Lori said...

Thanks for the note April! As you can tell, I'm so excited about starting up a new garden.

I would love some lilac starts! I'll let you know when we move into our house, and maybe we can work out a fun trade!