Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Weeee! I'm early for a change!
Let me introduce you to Tom. As in "Peeping Tom". When Tucker wants to see what we're up to in the house he tends to look in this widow. I was really suprised to get such a clear pic through the window...especially since I can't tell you the last time I washed it. (Can't or won't?! lol) The beastie is doing dandy and has a slight limp. It is either growing pains, or he dropped a tire on his foot or caught it up in some wiring he was helpfully removing from a post in the front yard. Take your pick. It could also be caused by him throwing his full body at objects in a frenzy of fun. Things like the front deck, the front door or even my car. Nothings sacred around here. Nothings broken or swollen and no meds are needed. He'll "walk" this one off much like the last one. I'm pretty sure it won't be his last owie. He's still a bit clumsy.
I figured it was time to introduce the Dogs on Thursday group to some of my other children. (All of mine have four legs.) This is Bandit, the eldest of our children. He had his 15th birthday in June and is every bit the old dog. Bandit weighs in at around 5 lbs on a heavy day and is the smallest of the darlings running around here. He's always been my dog from day one and feels he must follow me around the house. My days off really mess with his nap schedule! At his age the normal things are happening such as poor eyesight, arthritis, poor hearing and general grumpiness. He's pretty perky when he's had his 22.5 hours of beauty sleep! Wouldn't we all be? There's much more I can tell you about him, but I'll save some of it for later.
I tell you it's been fun looking at the blogs of the other members and meeting their pooches!


Cindy said...

Give Tucker a big hug for me. He is such a beautiful boy. Goofy, but beautiful. Hope his limp gets better and fast. And, give little Bandit a hug, too. What a cutie!

Andrée said...

I love Tom, the big lug! What a face and personality! I wouldn't be able to keep up with him but he's a terrific dog. And little Bandit? So tiny! My cats are bigger! I love that 22.5 hours of beauty sleep!

Donna said...

Hey Tucker and April...a big wet slobber from Oliver and a big hello from me. Hope the pup is feeling better and it is good to hear about you and him again. Have a great week, I will be on vacation and will be back next week. Be thinking of you. P.S. Tell Tucker Oliver is coming with us and he will tell him all about his adventures.