Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Few Moments with Tucker

This is a picture heavy post, but's Tucker, who can resist? I also apologize up front for some of the blurrier pictures. It's terribly difficult to focus when you're laughing as hard as I was. :)

Tucker says.......
"I have an owie. I just want to lay here with my head in Mommas lap."

"Are you sure I can't come in the house and lay on the couch?"

"See? It's all swollen!" ( It's not swollen, that's normal size for him. And no...I don't have "thin" legs either....he's got huge feet! And that's not even the sore foot! lol)

"Seriously! It' hurts!"

"Wait a minute.....are those fuzzy felted slippers?!!! I LOVE FUZZY FELTED SLIPPERS!!!!" At this point the "puppy" part of him completely over ruled the "injured" part of him. I feel the need to explain here that although some of these pictures make him look "rough" he isn't being rough with me at all. He loves to suck on toes. (Don't ask me why.) The only thing better to him is to suck on the felted fuzzy slippers that I wear. He will mouth them until they are sopping wet if I let him and the whole time, he's being gentle and not touching foot at all. It's tickles like nothing else!

"Wait! There's a whole nuther slipper over there!"

"The felted fuzzy slippers and my Momma were not hurt during this play session. I immediately had to take a nap though, as I was wore out....being injured and all. "
Tucker's injury is minor....and will probably be gone in the next couple of days. He seems to have sprained his "wrist" for want of a better term. No visit to the vet at this time is needed. Believe me, if we went to the vet every single time he did something.....we'd be at the vet every week! All's well and we'll be talking to you soon. Hopefully with some actual crafting content! Oi! When did this turn into a dog blog?


Cindy said...

Give that big ole baby a hug for me. I wish I could hug him myself. What a sweetheart. Grover "mouths" too. Nothing is harmed, but the slobber is awful. Poor little Esau ends up sopping wet. I hope baby's owie gets better, and fast! Oh, and the crafting? I hope to have some in my blog soon, too.

Donna said...

It is amazing how quickly we went from craft to puppies...but who could resisit....we all have such cuties....I love Tucker's photo session. He is so beautiful inside and out. Has he been in the house and what happens when he comes in? Our big palooka just takes over the whole place and we have dog hair everywhere. Big woofs from Oliver and {{{hugs}}} from me!