Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A bit of This and That.

There is nothing better than the smell of carrots fresh out of the garden! As the garden is winding down (and I'm finding myself feeling a bit down about that) and I'm realizing how much work I still have to do before I can hibernate in the house with my fiber, my wheel and my knitting needles......it helps to be reminded why I bothered planting stuff in the first place. Oh my does this stuff taste loads better! I'm finding myself looking forward to harvesting and putting up the rest of the veggies. I can actually visualize a point where it's all growing green with cover crop again, and the drawing board for next year is begun. Yep...it's a cycle thing. :)

I thought I'd take care of a few questions that came up in the comments:

Donna asked me if Tucker has ever been in the house. heheheheh Not recently.....and not without sedation. (for him and for me!) lol. The last time Tucker was in the house was the beginning of July after we had him fixed. Before then was early spring when he was a bit (quite a bit) smaller. When he first came to live with us in January, he lived in the house at night, and went to work with me every day. (You should check out the archives Donna.....those are some seriously cute pictures there. I know...I'm biased. lol) When he became interested in eating the walls and could scale the baby gate without effort....he moved outside. We live in a single wide mobile home with two small dogs that are indoor/outdoor and two cats that are the same. None of the smaller four leggers were very happy about the new family addition, and Tucker was brought home to be a guard dog, so out he went. He still went to work with me on a daily basis until I was confident he was big enough to defend himself at home alone. If memory serves me correctly, his last day at work with me was the day he climbed a shelf behind the cash register counter. ;) He goes into work with me once in a blue moon and only to see his fan club.

A few of you have asked me what my id on Ravelry is. Well super DUH to me! I am Ariadneo on there (and just about anywhere else too.) I have been back there a couple times (mainly during lunch at work) and have started to poke around a bit. I still haven't added anything really substantial yet. I'll get on there soon and get things sorted out. I'm a bit afraid I'll get sucked in and never accomplish anything again. lol

I am starting to feel much better and can feel inspiration right around the corner. I think that some dietary and lifestyle changes are going really well and are contributing to how I'm feeling physically. The mental turn around is just an added side effect. So...that being said I'm hoping to have some new projects to post about in the next week or so. Some of those projects will have to wait a bit until the garden harvesting thing is done. I really appreciate you guys hanging in there and continuing to read this even though some days it's just about dog slobber!

By the way.....Tucker is feeling much better today. This is indicated by him placing both front paws on my back as he attempted to play with me. That and the holding of my arm all the way to the front door. Yep. The pest is back.


Channon said...

Ah! Thanks. I'll have to see if my local health food stores have Yogi tea then. All of mine have come from swap pals.

Glad Tucker is feeling better!

Cindy said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling up to par. I'm awfully glad you're feeling better now, but jeez, you'd think a friend would notice, woudn't you? I'm glad your little guy is better. He's such a big love. As for the house? Ours isn't so good, thanks. Grover is not chewing or anything, he's just a big slobby boy. Take care!

Janet said...

Tucker is one BIG dog!

Did you get all of your "Pay it forward" pals?