Friday, October 12, 2007

Dogs on Thursday on Friday and Other Stuff.

Don snapped this pic last Sunday when it was raining like crazy. It's only been in the last couple of weeks that Tucker has been going into the dog house on a regular basis. It's a jumbo sized dog house and he's curled up pretty tight on that pillow in there. I'm looking for a jumbo pillow to put in there for him, but am waiting until I find the right price on one, just in case he tries to pull all the stuffing out of it like he did this one. hehe When the weather is warmer he sleeps on the deck or under the truck. I was hoping he'd use the dog house as pretty soon the truck will be gone for most the day.
Now onto the other stuff! I've been thinking that my lack of knitting mojo could be attributed to the fact that I only have one project that I'm currently working on. Yep, you heard me correctly....ONLY ONE. I do believe that is some sort of omen or something. I usually have several different types of projects going at once. Keeps the mental juices flowing I think. Omen, it what you will, it seems to be sapping my creativity out of me. The only thing to cure that would seem to be to "cast" on for something else. Or.........several something elses. So I spent some quality time on Wednesday with my stash and my ball winder. I was really very surprised how small my stash is......and that I have projects for virtually all my skeins. That's pretty good in my book.
The first ball (yellow and pinkish color) was my first attempt at Navajo plying and is a bit over plied. I put it aside for a felted bag of some sort. I think I'll hit Ravelry and pic out a small bag pattern to do this up in.

This is the results of the sock dyeing class I did at our guild last spring. The colors are not my favorite, but the plan is for some basic sock pattern for myself that will show off the self striping effect achieved with the sock dyeing board. I'll keep them as a memento of the class.
The moss green has been earmarked for Nagini socks. I may even have enough here for full pattern socks. If so I'll probably opt to shorten the calf part as I wear socks more at ankle level or slouched down. I'm not fond of socks over my calves. That comes in handy as I can get a pair of socks out of one skein, where others may have to use two. Woo hoo!

I have two colors of Wildfoote (as you can see) that I had purchased to make Ravenclaw socks out of. I'm thinking I'll find a couple of other patterns to use these for.

This fiery red/orange was earmarked for a lacy type shawl....but then I saw the Fawkes sock pattern and suddenly thought ......hmmmm. (yes I know...I'm a bit HP obsessed. I've the pattern for Bellatrix too...but have not decided on a yarn for those yet.)
Then there's my first silk spinning experience. I love the muted green that this is.....not sure if there is enough there to do much with but it could end up being a simple garter lace shawl.

And last but not least is my skein of yarn for a pair of socks. About a year ago I bought two skeins of sock yarn from Leah at A Yarn or a Tale so that I could see what "sock" yarn looked like. It was to help me gauge how thin to spin so I could spin my own sock yarn. I bought a skein for hubby and one for me. It took me 7 months to complete his socks......I've yet to cast on for mine. lol. As you can see I've got plenty of projects picked out for me for the near future. That's good....maybe I can start posting over at Selfish Sunday Knitters again! lol This is by no means the end of the stash....just what I've ear marked for projects thus far. Well....with exception of the variegated yarn that's in the closet to become a wrap of some sort. lol
Janet very kindly asked if I had received all my Pay it Forward names. Sadly Janet, no one has taken me up on the offer yet. ;) I suspect it is because so many folks have signed up at other blogs. If you're interested....let me know and I'll put you down as number 1. That reminds me. I need to go grab a Pay if Forward button somewhere and add it on. Oh! and a Ravelry one too!


Cindy said...

He looks so darling out there in his little house. And, from the looks of it, your knitting mojo is coming back full force. How's the spinning going for you?

Taueret said...

did you spin the Nagini yarn? I like!

April said...

I figured that if I started to work on many projects at once (again) That I would knock my self out of the crafting blahs I've been in. It seems to be working....more on that in the next post. Oh and Taueret....the Nagini yarn is one of my first sucessful dying, carding and spinning projects from last year. Thanks for the compliment. I'm hoping it works for the "snake like" socks. lol

Donna said...

April, I have been following my pal Tucker for a long time. I remember his last day at work and when he use to be inside. He looks very cummfy in his dog house and I am sure he would love to sneak inside, it must be hard for you to resist that sweet face and floppy ears. Your yarn is beautiful and I know your knitting mojo will return soon! Give Tucker sloppy kisses from me and Oliver

Janet said...

Instead of buying Tucker an expensive doggie bed- try an old comforter from the thrift store. Then it doesn't matter if he pulls all of the stuffing out.

Love all the yarn. Such lively colors.