Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Ride and a Jaywalker

Sunday was a beautiful day here so the hubster and I took full advantage of it. We went for a motorcycle ride together up the Mountain Loop Hwy. As we live off the same hwy it wasn't too far to go but the ride was beautiful!
It was only the second time we've been able to ride together and it was great to be able to experience that. Unfortunately this was also the last ride of the season for me. I'll look forward to Spring and riding weather again.

On the knitting front.....I cast on for my first Jaywalker sock on Sunday night. I was being a good girl, swatched until I found the correct needle size and cast on using my dpns. Confession time....I've become completely spoiled with cabled needles. While I'm able to use the dpns, I much prefer my cables. So when Monday night rolled around and the pattern wasn't looking like it should, and stitch count was wacked out, I frogged the first and cast on again......on a cabled needle. ;) I'm back on track now and the patterns shaping up pretty nicely, but I am concerned that it will fit when it's completed. Right around the heel shaping time of the pattern, I'll try it on again and see if it's gonna work out or if it's got to be frogged and restarted. (UGH I hope not!) I'm trying to get my flickr acct set up and pictures added there so I can add them to my Ravelry page. It's slow going as Ravelry and a dial up connection to the Internet are not truly compatible if there are two users at the same time of the said dial up connection. :) OH WELL! That's what lunch times are for! heheh
On another note...I received my Knit Picks catalog last week and I've already circled some of the stuff I want from there. I didn't realize how inexpensive the Options set really is. (Hint hint) lmao
Gotta run, there are pictures of Tucker from Sunday too, but that's saved for Dogs on Thursday.

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Donna said...

Beautiful pictures.....I have seen a lot of folks doing jaywalker socks...yours look good and I am sure they will fit just fine. I like double points, but I must say I agree with you on circular needles. They spoil you for anything else. Can't wait to see Tucker and I am hoping to get back online as soon as we are finished painting. I too use my lunch time at work and break time and in between time to check out and post comments! didn't hear that from me!! See you Thursday!